Ladys Glove


A LADY'S right-hand glove of light buft kid leather. The total length from the tip of the middle hnger to the bottom If the gauntlet is 17 inches, the middle linger measures 3 inches; the seams are herrngbone stitched with pale salmon-coloured silk, the narrow fringe at the side and bottom of the gauntlet being of the same material and colour.

On the back of the hand is embroidered, in silver wire, a dragon with legs and beak of green silk; the monster has originally been supported by a floral design, of which the greater part has disappeared. '"^hree small tufts of salmon-coloured silk are ranged across the knuckles, a fourth ¬°aging placed, quite alone, at the lower corner of the gauntlet. [A similar glove was exhinited at the Stuart Collection in 1889 (No. 453 in the Catalogue), and was described as having belonged to Charles I.]

The owner of this lady's glove states that it belonged to his great-aunt, who died some twenty-four years ago at the age of 86, that it came to her through a friend who had it as a gift from a knight of Windsor, and that it had always been regarded as having belonged to Queen Elizabeth.

he property of John Hailam, Esqr.


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