Ladys Gloves

late sixteenth century

THIS pair of gloves, of elaborate and rich character, were evidently once the property of a lady of quality. They are of pale warm-coloured buff leather. The stitching of the seams of the thumbs and fingers, of green silk, is very fine, terminating below the knuckles in a pomted pattern ; while a larger and more elaborated pattern occurs on the palm of the hand. The gauntlets, which are sewn on to the gloves, are of dark claret-coloured silk, richly cmbro iered with gold and silver gimp and gold cord, and rrofusely spangled with silver discs. A design, resembling the Prince of Wales' feathers, is thrice repeated on each gauntlet. A narrow band of gold lace divides the cuff from the glove. r"he total length is 124 inches.

In the collection of the Author.


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