Ladys Shoes And Clogs


A FAIR of lady's shoes of pale green damask, figured with white-and-crimson flowers and foliage. The heels, of wood, are covered with white kid leather and are inches high. The toes are pointed, and the instep flaps are cut into points \ the entire length of the shoes from the toe to the heel being 7 inches. The latchets are small, and are held on the instep by their original silver clasps or fasteners, which n their turn are held in position by a kind of stud in a button-hole at the end of the latchets.

he silver clasps, examples of which are rare, are Hall marked, having the head of the monarch, George III., the lion passant, and the date mark, U, (1795).

The clogs belonging to this elegant pair of shoes are of stout black leather, the heel guards being of red leather stitchcd with white thread. The latchets are also of black leather and, though now nearly bare, show traces of ha\ing been once covered with pink silk damask. The soles are perfectly flat.

The property of Dr. W. T. Bensley.


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