Bishop Wykehams Glove

FOURTEENTH CENTURY from a drawing by thf author

THE left-hand glove of a pair of great interest and beauty, and, taking into consideration their age (517 years), in a wonderful state of preservation; they are made of crimson, purl knitted, silk, embroidered on the backs and cuiis with gold, now faded and tarnished. Yhe octagon designs round the cu^Ts are separated bv small squares of green silk ; a double band of gold embroidery encircles each nnger and thumb. The entire length of the gloves from the tip of the middle finger to the edge of the cuff is c;l inches. 'he cuffs are lined with crimson silk : the circles on the back of the hand, with their sixteen flame-pointed arms worked in gold, surround the sacred monogram.

These earlv ecclesiastical gloves belonged to William of Wyke-ham, Bishop of Winchester, the founder of New Coliege> Oxford (originally designated Sc. Mary's College of Winchester in Oxenford), in 1379, and were probably worn by him at the opening religious ceremonial, April 14th, 1386.

They are carefully preserved in the Treasury of New College, Oxford.


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