Boots Of King Henry Vi

A PAIR of fine, and probably unique examples of fifteenth-century boots, which, like the gloves of the same sovereign given in Plate II. (on Gloves), have been handed down in good preservation to the present time. The boots, which partake somewhat of the character of gaiters, are made of fine Spanish brown leather, and are lined with deer skin, which still retains its hair ; round the ankles is a kind of wadding, between the leather and the limng, apparently to resist the wet. The sides of the boots from the ankles to the knees are fistened by means of a number of small buttons made of finely plaited thread, sewn on with silk; the feet are small, measuring only 10 inches in length; the soles and heels are flat and round; and the waist (that part joining the two) measures only i inch across. The total height of the boots from the toes to the top is 2 feet 3 inches, from the heel to the top of the back of the boot is 232 inches, and the bell tops measure 11 inchcs across. Vhe stitching is very fine, and the whole appearance is elegant. These boots, with the before - mentioned gloves, were gwen by Henry VL to Sir Ralph Pudsey at Bolton Hall, where they were long preserved. rJ he property of the Free Public Museums, Liverpool.


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