Captain Lenches 3qot


AVERY perfect specimen of a Cavalier's boot of the seventeenth century ; the large bell-shaped top could be worn either as shown in the picture or pulled up over the knee and thigh at the pleasure of the wearer. It is said to have been worn by Captain, or Colonel, Lenche at the battle of Worcester when fighting under the banner of the Royalists. Colonel Lenche lived at Church Lench, near Worcester, which is not far from the residence of an ancestor of the present possessor of the relic, between whose family, on the wife's side, there was some relationship with that of Colonel Lenche. The boot is of black leather ; the bell top, apparently originally buff, measures 10 rnches across, while at the bottom it is 17 inches ; the height of the boot is 18 inches ; the heel, which is composed of thirteen layers of leather, is zl inches high ; the sole, of three layers, is I an inch thick ; the toe is squared and is 3 inches wide. The boot retains its original stirrup-leather and eight-pemted rowel spur, for the support of which there is a "rest" some 2 inches above the heel. Sii Sibald Scott, in his book on The British Ar?ny, gives a small engraving of this interesting boot, .'he property of A. S. Field, Esqr.


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