Eastern Shoes And Chopines

PAIR of shoes made of hempen string. Views of the «ppef and sole are given.

PAIR of wooden-soled shoes; the uppers are composed of leather covered with brown felt, over which is a wide band of blue cashmere.

WOODEN chopines, or clogs, 8 inches high, worn by Turk sh women ; they are thickly inlaid with mother-of-pearl and silver wire and have bands of leather, which form a kind oi sandal; these are covered with puce cloth richly embroidered with gold thread.

As previously mentioned, chopines are of Eastern origin, and early in the seventeenth century were lJi use among the ladies of Venice, and eventually found their way into France and, to a small extent, into England.

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A PAIR of ^urkish lady's slippers of green leather. The mner soles have small panels of leather work resembling mosaics, 'he under soles are of two thicknesses of brown leather, and the heels, unusual in oriental slippers, are formed of loops of iron. Their total length is 9 inches.

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Oleg Cassini Historic Dresses

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Chopines Shoes England



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