Gloves Of King James i

THESE gloves, attributed to ames L, arc of a darkish brown leather, measuring from the tip of the middle finger to the edge of the lace on the gauntlet I2.| inches ; the gauntlets are open at the side some 3^1 inches, and are edged with line gold twisted lace, which is continued entirely round the gauntlet; the embroidery is of silk and gold and silver thread, a conspicuous emblem being the Scottish thistle, in partly natural colours, the colouring generally being what may be described as esthetic.

1 he insides of the gauntlets are lined with red silk. From the beaudful embroidered work, and from the whole character of the gloves, they may certainly be supposed to have belonged to a royal personage.

Yhey are in excellent preservation, and are carefully tieasured by then owner, Alfred de la Fontaine, Esqr.


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