Gloves Of The Lord Protector

THE usual costume of Oliver Cromwell does not at any time seem to have been of a gay character, therefore this pair of gloves attributed to him are the more striking. 1 hey are of a light buff-coloured leather. The gauntlets are of crimson silk, cut into panels and beautifully embroidered with silk in green, yellow, and blue, intermixed with gold and silver thread ; a bird with yellow plumage is perched on a tree in the centre of the three panels; the lace which has at one time edged the panels has disappeared. The inside of the gloves is white, and a cnmson silk lining reaches 2,\ inches up the gauntlets. The total length of the gloves is 13 inches. The following description is given by the present possessor of the relics :—

" These gloves were found in a walnut-wood escritoire, having a false back and secret drawers, which belonged to the Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell. The gloves were presented in the year 1794 to Mr. lohn Legge, of Reading, by Madame Schömberg, of renowned descent. ,ohn Legge, of Katesgrove, Berks, before his decease in 1810, gave them to his nephew, with whom they remained till they passed into the possession of their present owner, a relative of the above |ohn Legge.'

It may be added that the watch of Oliver Cromwell, now in the British Museum, was once the property of this same family.

1 he property of Mis. A. H. Simpson-Carson.


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