Hawking Glove Of Henry Viii

from a drawing by the author i N interesting and authenticated hawking glove of Henry VIII.

I It is made of stout buff leather, with a short gauntlet curiously ornamented with circular discs worked in dull red and greenish blue thread, intermixed with silver wire ; a smaller disc, of the same colours, is placed at the lower part of the little finger ; while a singular pattern rs traced with thread on the palm of the hand. The cuff is lined some inches up with a fine canvas, which is turned over and outwards to form an edging, the glove itself being lined with stout white kid ; the back of the hand is quite plain ; the entire length of the glove is 11\ inches, and measures 5 nches across the wrist. The labels on the palm refer to the number and description in the original catalogue of the "John Tradescant Collection, 1656,1' in which are grouped these items :—

' Stirrups Hawkes-hoods . Gloves "

" Henry the 8 his The glove is treasuied in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.


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