Ladies Shoes


A SUPERB pair of kdy's shoes, made of damask, the prevailing colours being green, silver-grey, and pink dotted with red. The latchets are small and are made for tying across the instep the heels, covered with damask, are of wood, ar.d are of great breadth and measure 3 inches in height; the toes are extremely pointed and exceed the length of the foot, necessitating the use of wool at the points to keep them in shape ; they are probably English made, and belong to the reign of Qacen Anne.

The second pair of shoes on this plate are very elegant and of beautiful workmanship. They are made of crimson morocco leather; the latchets are very wide and were fastened over the instep with buckles. The heels are 3 inches high, and very small ; the toes are rounded.

Inside the left shoe, on the canvas lining, is written, " Mrs. Ray?ics Ow?i Moroco (sic) Pumps 1636."

Both of the above pairs of shoes are the property of Mrs. Elkin Mathews.


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