Mediaeval And Other Shoes

OLE of a fifteenth-century peaked shoe; the point is destroyed; u! inches long.

ROAD shoe of the time of Henry VIÏI., with latchets to tie.

:'he back of the heel is missing.

LEATPJER clog, for the left foot, composed of several thicknesses of leather ; at the toe and waist are the remains of straps for attaching the clog to the foot. In the collection of the Author.

A FIFTEENTH-CENTURY black-leather peaked shoe (pou-laine), said to have been found m Moorfields, London. The fastening appears to have been by means of a strap or latchet, part of which is missing, across the instep ; a hole on the outside remains, in which probably a hook or button was inserted Total length of shoe, ^ inches. Lately in the Bateman Collection.

The property of Mrs. Seymour Lucas,

SOLE of a fifteenth-century shoe. In the Author's collection.

A FOURTEENTH CENTURY steel soleret (poulaine), introduced to compare with the ordinary civilian shoe of the same period. In the Author's collection.

COMMON everyday leather shoes of the seventeenth century. The second on the left is of buiF leather and was found in an old house in Cambridge, with a bandolier of the reign of Charles I. (now in the Author's collection). The remaining three shoes are ,n the collection of Mrs. Seymour Lucas.

Historic Shoes


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