Medieval Shoe And Pattens

A SQUARE-TOED, black-leather shoe, minus the heel ancl side leather, found in excavations in Windmill Street, London. It measures ql inches, the toe at its widest being 3* inches. Late fifteenth century. A similar shape was in use in armour at the same period.

A WOODEN patten, made of two flat pieces, overlapping ;n the centre, and hinged with leather ; it retains sufficient of the toe and heel scraps to indicate the mode of fastening it to the shoe. It measures iCg inches in length, and 2 inches at the widest part of the sole. Fourteenth to fifteenth century.

TWO views of a wooden patten, gp| inches long and 3^ inches at its widest. From the irregular heights of the projecting supports it would appear to have originally stood on an iron frame. Fourteenth to fifteenth century. From drawings by tiie Author from examples in the Guildhall Museum, London.

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