Military Jackboots

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ONE of a pair of jack-boots, for the left foot, of an exceptionally elegant character, '"hey are of black leather, the legs being strengthened by six vertical bands of leather l of an inch wide, and very neatly stitched on the boot; the bell-shaped tops are of a soft leather, which enabled the wearer at will to turn them down when necessary ; the heels are composed of three thicknesses or layers of leather, and are 3 inches high, which must have produced considerable pressure on the instep ; there is a spur-rest of leather a few inches above the heel. The total height of the boots is 26 inches. This kind of boot was worn by the cavalry regiments in the latter part of the seventeenth century, ower of London.

RIGHT jack-boot, one of a pair, having a heavy and clumpy appearance, with well-shaped instep stirrup guards ; their height is 24^ inches. The soles, an incf thick} are composed of five layers of leather ; the heels are 2 inches high and are hollow. These boots retain their spurs, which are kept in position by the "rests" at the back of the heel.

Tower of London.

How Draw Jackboots Miliotary Jackboots


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