Shoes Of Queen Annes Reign

PAIR of very elegant and dainty shoes of exquisite workmanship. They are made of white satin ; a broad band, z\ inches wide, of gold lace with an edging of gold gimp, covers the whole front of the foot from the toes to the top of the instep flap. A similar ornamentation, but narrower, adorns the heels. Vhe sides of the shoes are covered with narrow white siik braid neatly ai ranged in parallel lines. The latchets are wide, and show the marks of the buckles which were used to fasten them. The toes are pointed, and the heels, which are of wood, are inches high ; the lining of the shoes is blue silk, except the latchets, heels, and instep flaps, which are lined with white satin. " he length of these charnvng and perfect shoes is c)f inches, and their date seventeenth century.

In the collection of Mrs. Seymour Lucas.

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