Shoes Of Queen Elizabeth

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A SHOE, for the left foot;, of an extremely handsome pair of white satin shoes which belonged to Queen Elizabeth, 'hey are beautifully embroidered with silk and metal wire, the colours being esthetic green> blue, pink, and yellow. The toes, Hat and square, measure about inches across, the total length of the shoes being about n inches. They were in Case C. 188 in the catalogue of the New Ga'lery Exhibition, 1902.

RIGHT shoe of a pair also once belonging to Queen Elizabeth. These are of ribbed salmon-coloured silk, embroidered in silver and crimson •, the toes are square and blocked, and are about inches wide. The heels are square, and some 2g inches high , length of shoes, 10 inches. ' he lining on the inner sole is a dark red leather. These were exhibited in the same case with the above, and both specimens are the property of Earl Brown!ow.

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