Various Shoes And Slippers

A WHIT E satin sJipper, with a square toe and a low heel; it s bound with silver braid, and has a rosette of pale blue rbbon trimmed with silver. The shoe is reputed to nave belonged to a Lady Digby. Date, about 1750.

A SMART shoe of red kid bound with white braid. The toe is pointed, and the instep is slashed and ornamented with a rosette of white ribbon ; a backing or lir ng of white ki 1 shows through the slashings; the heel, of red leather, is small, and is inches high. Date, eighteenth century.

VERY neat slipper of blue kid, with a low heel and pointed toe. Eighteenth century.

A BALL slipper of white ribbed silk goloshed with crimson silk, square-toed and without heels. On the white kid lining xS wiitten in ink the name of " M;ss Gordon," and the maker's name, Patterson, 74, Oxford Streetappears on the sole. The patten, for protecting the slipper, is made of brown morocco leather, and was worn over the ball slipper. Date, early Victorian.

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