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Human Anatomy and Physiology premium is credited to James Ross, which help to solve some of the anatomy related issues which pose a significant challenge to the student and also young doctors. The product contains more 3000 pages with illustration and even graphics, which enhances a better understanding of the various topics in human physiology and also anatomy. It comprises of the component systems which covers many lessons. This product has been used by different practitioners and also a scholar in enhancing some better understanding of the topics in anatomy. Some of the illustrations and even graphics which are covered in the product have been researched and contain more detailed explanations which would rely upon. The product is available in the E-book, and one can download and also enjoy some bonus which would enhance some better understanding of the various topic which keeps on giving some of the problems too many people. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

This ebook served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Painful Reality

It was too hard for my friends to lift my dead weight all the way up to the dock, so they called 911 as I floated on my back. Don't worry, I kept telling myself, I'm just in shock. Ten minutes later, two paramedics arrived. Am I going to be okay I asked as they put me in the ambulance. We don't know, they said. When I woke up in the hospital the next day, my head and neck were throbbing, and my parents were standing by my bed. What happened I asked weakly. You hurt your spinal cord, my mom...

Earn while you learn fashion drawing

Figure Drawing Lessons Movement

Spontaneous drawing is very important in fashion illustration. More and more fashion artists are presenting fashion figures as real people. The idea that fashion figures should look like show types or mannikins is being discarded. After you have roughly sketched your figure for proportions, using o continuous, spontaneous, sweeping line to exaggerate movement, you will find the movement of the figure is increased as you put in the accent lines to give detail to the garment. This will occur...

Lesson Earn while you learn fashion drawing

Anatomy Children Drawing

In drawing tots and very small children, always try to capture their moods. They should always appear as little human beings whether they are sad, glad, pensive or just coquettish. Perhaps it is a tot licking his fingers after being in the jelly far. Whatever the subject, your drawings should picture little people in a gay world. This may seem difficult at first, but with close observation and much sketching, you will soon capture the spirit. In rendering facial expressions, it is wise to keep...

Earn while you learn

Fashion Figures Drawing

This junior figure is presented in a casual sports pase. Note the simplicity of washes and how the dark accent lines bring out the shape of the figure. Teen-agers and uniors do not quite have the naturalness and rhythm possessed by children because they ore at the age when they try to act a bit sophisticated which is not quite natural for them. Girls, for example, try to present a ladylike air a bit beyond their years, and they are very conscious of heir coiffures and of their trimness. Observe...

Eleven body parts

Basic Body Parts

The fashion figure drawing can be broken down into eleven basic body parts Fig. 5.1 . Draw these body parts to familiarise yourself with the components of the figure as it will help you flesh out your oval and triangle templates. 3. Shoulders Smooth wedge or coat hanger shape 4. Upper torso Like a tapered box from the underarm positions to a small waist 5. Lower torso Shorter tapered box narrower at the waist to slightly wider at the low hips to the top of the thighs. 6. Thigh to knee A tapered...

The NINE heads template

Www Figure Drawing Templates Com

The nine heads template is a front facing, symmetrical fashion figure, measured in head lengths and widths, and drawn as ovals and triangles. The Nine Heads template is a simple starting point for drawing all fashion poses. It will be used here as a guideline for body proportions, drawing exercise Roughly divide the drawing paper into nine head lengths as follows Fig. 4.3 and 4.4 a. Draw ten, evenly spaced horizontal lines. Each division represents one head length. c. Draw the intermediate...

The Fashion Plate

Drawing Body Perfectly

When you portray a human body it is necessary to remember that you are depicting something that is alive, and in the specific case of fashion design, it is fundamental to observe closely the typical movements which characterize the poses adopted by the models. They are movements which are supple, trim and nimble. The fashion model walks in a way that is absolutely unique, turns and swings her hips in a wonderful way, stops and poses in ways which defy gravity. The reaction to the gait of a...

Fashion figure proportions

Human Proportions Female

The typical female fashion figure is illustrated as young and slender with elongated legs and square shoulders. Fashion figures are measured in head lengths and head widths which is the simplest measurement for checking body proportions. The female figure measures seven to eight head lengths in height Fig. 4.1 . In contrast, the female fashion figure can measures nine to ten head lengths or more Fig. 4.2 . The Female Figure measures seven to eight heads The Fashion Figure measures trine heads...

Fashion Design

Fashion Figure Illustration

The illustrations on pages 129-61 show sequences which build up to the finished image. All of the illustrated fashion plates were created with special felt tip pens, using clear and precise strokes poses on page 121 . The technique of felt pens was chosen as it is the one most used by fashion designers for its fresh and impromptu nature. If you want your design to be neat, it is necessary to trace the primary sketch on a white sheet of paper and to colour it in afterwards. The figures used are...

Create Drama

Fashion Photography Behind The Scene

Because you are able to control the angles and output of light, you are able to create dramatic and almost cinematic-looking scenes using artificial light on location. Like lighting on a stage, you can create an intense mood. This is the most common reason I shoot studio or flash on location. In Figure 10.3, I have created drama by using dramatic angles of light and by underexposing the ambient light. This image was from a high school senior portrait session. The student, who was planning to be...

The Upper Body

Body Figure Drawing

The upper body, or torso, is certainly the most important anatomical part of the female figure its extreme plasticity and shape make it an important protagonist in so many ways. Stylists like to place it in evening dress with a surprising decolletage or to emphasize its curvaceousness in highly feminine suits. The upper body is the key to the fashion plate and knowing how to reproduce it perfectly from every angle and in its every movement is a sign of great artistic ability. By contrast, an...

Finishings And Trimmings

Basic Skirts With Yoke Gathers And Flare

Technically by elements of finishing we understand all of those features that characterize the pattern pleats, flounces, crimping, drapes, necks, pockets . By trimmings we understand the individualization of particular features and accessories which make the item of clothing distinctive and elegant buttonings, lapel facings, seams, buttons, appliqu s, etc. . In the following pages various types of patterns of finishings and trimmings both basic and sophisticated are shown, The examples are...


Fashion Figure Drawing

By the term stylization is understood the exaggeration of the structure of the body, reducing it to a few essential features. There are various ways of stylizing a figure, and one of them is to elongate the height of the model by one or two units of measure. As you will see in the two diagrams, the proportions have remained unchanged in every instance, that is to say that the anatomy of the figure has remained the same while the length of the limbs and principal parts of the body has been...

The Mouth analysis and structure

Female Face Sketch

The mouth is made up of two moving parts, the smaller and broader upper lip and the larger and fleshier lower lip. Where the lips join corresponds to a point one-third across each eye AA' BB' . The trapezoidal sulcus is found between the nose and the mouth, its central axis dividing the mouth exactly into two equal parts. Sketches of mouths from different perspectives. Seen in profile the upper lip is more exposed than the lower. All of the visualizations are drawn with the help of lines of...

Minoan Dress

While the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations were flourishing in the Eastern Mediterranean, the island of Crete, farther to the west, was home to the Minoans. This people, named after a legendary king Minos, thrived from about 2900 to 1150 b.c.e. on the island of Crete. By 2100 b.c.e. the Minoans extended their influence to the mainland Greek city-state called Mycenae. After the Minoans went into decline in the period around 1400 b.c.e., the Mycenaeans gained control over Crete and the...

Body Proportions Theory And Practice

Body Proportions Pose Variations Male

When drawing the fashion figure, it is important to know the standard proportions of the human form, as well as hearing in mind that people vary greatly in shape and size. Clothing the body is a means of self-expression and an opportunity for creativity, so the impression created by a fashion illustration must be based on careful observations. Fashions change from culture to culture, and from decade to decade. For example, a curvaceous figure and short, wavy hair was desirable in the 1950s,...

The Eyes

Figure Drawing Face Sketches

Having considered the analysis of the human body in the Greek canon and the fashion canon, let us move on to examine all of the anatomical components, beginning with the details of the face. The eyes represent the most emotive part of the face, because they assume an infinite variety of expressions which are capable of communicating the most varied feelings. In a face the eyes are certainly the most truthful reflection of a state of mind. It is not by chance that the first contact with another...

Mood boards

Fashion Mood Board Ideas

Creating a mood board is great fun and will help you be selective with the research you have gathered. This is the first stage of organizing your thoughts and collected images, enabling you to channel your creative excitement toward a cohesive and targeted design outcome. Mood boards are made by arranging images and color ideas on a large board so that you can see at a glance how your designs might evolve. They vary in their complexity but, as the name suggests, mood boards should always...

Luxury fashion branding strategy development

This chapter doesn't provide a magic formula or a definite model for developing or managing a luxury fashion brand that would guarantee instant success and perpetual steady income. However it provides a guide to aid in strategic thinking through a critical analysis of brand development and brand management issues related to luxury fashion. As we all know, fashion and its industry is ever-changing, but what remains constant are branding principles and strategies that can be applied in luxury...

Clothing of the Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Paludamentum

The Byzantine costume tradition took its form from the Roman Empire 27 B.C.E.-476 C.E. and its color and decorative tradition from the Orient and the Middle East. The Roman roots are easy to understand. After all, the Byzantine Empire began in the fourth century C.E. as the Eastern Roman Empire its capital, Constantinople, was for a short time the capital of the entire Roman Empire. From the Romans the Byzantines inherited their basic clothing forms, the tunic and toga for men, and the stola,...

Gloves Of King Henry Vi

Historic Shoes

A REMARKABLE pair of fifteenth - century gloves, which belonged to Henry VI. They are made of fine brown Spanish leather, lined with deer skin, tanned with the hair on. The gauntlets reach to the elbow, and can be turned down when required. They are described as small enough for a a middle-sized woman their total length is 18 inches, and the width across the top of the gauntlet is j J- inches. rie King was concealed, after the battle of Hexham, at Bolton Hall, Yorkshire, and these gloves were...

Rule Of Proportion the human body

Drawing Human Figure Proportions

1 The head measures one-eighth of the height of the body and therefore constitutes a unit of measure. 2 The distance between the temples forms the basis of the width of a shoulder from the base of the neck to the shoulder joint AB a'b' . 3 When the figure is viewed from the front, the median axis divides the figure perfectly in half. 4 The shoulders are as wide as the pelvis, the waist two-thirds of the width of the shoulders, 5 The shoulders are drown extending beyond the upper body, with the...

Drawing Proportion And Observation

Cubes Drawing Color Shading

Observation and genesis of the line and of freehand drawing Long before an infant understands that milk finds its own level he or she learns to up-end the bottle to feed. When, a little later, the child is asked to draw the level of a liquid in a tilted glass the result is often By observation or logic the instant a child realizes liquid finds its own level he or she has learnt a principle that will help it to survive and to understand the world. My point here is that descriptive drawing is...

Before You Begin

Figure Drawing Outline

In the same way that a musical instrument needs to be tuned to produce harmonious sounds, the hand has to be 'tuned' by means of patient exercises to achieve a fluid and flexible drawing style. Before beginning the study of the figure, it is a good idea to carry out exercises to loosen the hand, in order to get rid of any tension or apprehension. Sketch a number of lines, concentric curves, spirals, hatching and cross-hatching until you feel a sense of relaxation both emotionally and...

Painting Beyond Fashion

Basic painting and drawing principles and techniques from the Renaissance to the present by John Hagan 1. aerial perspective -6 lessons perspective - the basics perspective - lets go outside veils of atmosphere sunrise and sunset reverse sunset and night clouds, mist and other veils 2. color - 2 lessons color the hows and whys color a different approach 3. looking harder - 3 lessons painting waves 2 shadows and transparency 4. light and shade - 4 lessons backlight works its magic side light and...

First The Pearl A Lesson In How To Look At Things

An apprentice painter might learn how to hold a brush, mix colors or how to use a palette knife, but it matters nothing if the same person does not learn how to 'look' at things, and to look with the eye of someone who wants to explain the world in terms of paint. After many years of learning to 'look' we come to understand the nature of things and how they relate to each other. This first lesson is an entertaining introduction to give you some idea of what I mean by 'looking'. Don't be too...

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