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Eyelashes training program is open for everyone regardless of whether you have had prior experience in the field or eye lashing or not. Through the program, you will learn a lot of how to perm natural eyelashes as well as the aftercare you should accord to customers after perming their lashes. This training program uses tested and proven techniques which will ensure that you become an expert and open your eye lashing saloon business. The training program involves two major courses. One of the courses is the eyelash tint and lift. The second course is the classic eyelash extensions. You will get super guidance from the Marta who is an expert and has gained experience for over eight years. You do not have to worry about how to market your eyelash saloon business as Marta will take you through all the marketing strategies which will help you gain a large customer base and in turn change your business into a considerable fortune. Based on the many benefits associated with this training program, I highly recommend it to everyone who has not yet registered as a member.

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Gambar Punk Piercingan

Poland Culture Clothing

W eople adorned their bodies in widely varying ways in the 1960s and 1970s. The popularity of modern styles at the beginning of the 1960s brought huge plastic flower ornaments, heavy makeup, especially around the eyes, and false eyelashes for women. Men accepted jewelry as part of their wardrobe, starting with the love beads hung around their necks in the 1960s and ending the period with multiple chains of gold adorning their necks and chests, bracelets around their wrists, and rings on their fingers.

Pen and ink lines french wash ben day machine

Renissance Ink Wash Pictures

In this lesson are given some of the lines used in fashions and the student must become very familiar with them. When one can draw these lines well on a separate paper, he is in condition to ink in his work. Fine lines should be used for faces, arms, hands, etc., and very fine lines for eyelashes. Several fine lines instead of one wider line give the eye a soft expression. Study these lines in the fashion papers.

Body Decorations 193045

Dramatic Eyelashes With Decorations

One trend for excess continued during these lean years, however. The fashion for wearing heavy makeup started during the 1920s lasted well into the next decades. Women blushed their cheeks with rouge, darkened their lips with a variety of lipsticks, and lengthened and thickened their eyelashes with mascara. According to Jane Mulvagh in Vogue History of 20th Century Fashion, in 1931 Vogue magazine reported that we are all painted ladies today, adding Now we feel undressed unless we have the right shade of face powder, and if we lose our lipstick, we lose our strongest moral support. The rationing, or limiting, of luxuries during World War II highlighted the importance of makeup. Mulvagh noted that the British government tried to ban cosmetics at the outbreak of war, but fortunately withdrew this ruling. Lipstick and rouge, she pointed out, were the last unrationed, if scarce, indulgences of feminine expression during austerity seriousness , and were vital for morale. amed after the...

Serving LOreal and Shiseido for 10 years

Goats Hair Sackcloth Clothing

We recently expanded our factory to cover 4,000m2 and have increased our staff to include over 400 members. These additions have allowed our yearly capacity to reach 50 million units. We offer over 300 styles of blush, eye shadow, nail and lip brushes, retractable brushes, eyelash combs and more. Our raw materials include natural and taklon hair, as well as brass and aluminum ferrules from factories in South Korea. These ensure that our goods have the softness, durability and application consistency that your customers require. In order to satisfy our European customers, we have started to cooperate with SGS to apply for the SA8000 standard. We may possibly gain the SA8000 certificate by the end of July 2009.


Fashion Templates Model Woman Figure

Select one of your own figure drawings or a suitable magazine photograph, place layout paper over it and trace the image. Now simplify the drawing to create ,1 clear outline, ensuring the proportions of different parts of the body are correct in relation to one another. Suggest the face and hairstyle but do not draw every hair and eyelash. Unless you are adding accessories, the hands and feet also need only be implied.

Vincent Bakkum

Contemporary Fashion Illustration

I'm in love with the object woman, her graphic qualities, I fall for her outlines, her bone structure, the shadows under nose and lips, the knuckles of long slender fingers, the lightfall on her calves, pitch-black, cheek-brushing eyelashes. The person behind the object leaves me uninspired. In real life, I love women for what they stand for, but in depicting them on canvas they are reduced to colourful graphic images only. The beauty of a woman to me is closely connected with the fruit, dead fish and stuffed birds I also enjoy painting death and decay is another undeniable source of inspiration. Beauty doomed to rot. Colours bound to fade away. Something that conforms to the Dutch tradition of still-life painting, I guess. A ripe and blossoming apple is already decaying. Although there's no thin line between flourishing and decaying, I still try to catch that moment. I'm desperately trying to save what there is left to save. Since death is also a source of inspiration for religion,...

To See and Be Seen

Bon Polaroid Glasses

In the 1950s, to boost sales, sunglass manufacturers began coming out with new models every year, following the lead of the automobile industry. As with eyeglasses, the harlequin, or cat-eye, shape was the dominant style for women, but sunglasses took the style to much more fanciful extremes. Sunglasses were made with carved, laminated frames shaped like flames, flowers, and butterflies, studded with rhinestones, imitating unlikely materials like bamboo, or trimmed with false eyelashes of raffia. Even relatively conservative frames were produced in bold and unusual shapes, colors, and patterns, and were given model names such as Torrid, Vivacious, and Peekini. For men, new styles with clean lines and heavy plastic frames were popular, the most famous being the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, introduced in 1952.