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This lesson is a summation of the practical demonstration I sometimes give to further explain some of the points made in the previous lesson. My purpose is to use common household materials to make an oil painting while my method of teaching this is similar to those cooking shows you see on TV. My desire is to familiarize the students with what 'might' have happened during the 'invention' of oil painting back in the sixteenth century and thus remove some of the hesitation from trying the method themselves. The first thing I do is to search the kitchen and laundry for the materials I need. It is best if this is done without alerting other members of the household as they often don't appreciate your dedication to such an elevated cause.

I describe this lesson as the ultimate alchemy since we are literally going to turn base materials into gold. Of course the gold' we paint is sometimes even more valuable than the gold in the ring on you finger which you would discover if you tried to purchase Rembrant's 'Man with the Golden Helmet'. It would certainly cost more today than the helmet itself.

The main ingredients I will use for this recipe are a linen table napkin, artificial saffron, white zinc cream (prevents sunburn), white shoe polish, black shoe polish, a stick of blue chalk, some sunflower cooking or salad oil, a pack of drinking cocoa and an egg yolk. I will also use the mortar and pestle from the kitchen though a glass bottle would do just as well.

Yellow Chalk Paint Kitchen Table

First I find an old frame and stretch the table napkin across the back and staple it in place. Remember to stretch from the center outwards and not from the corners in.

Next I separate the egg keeping the yolk and mix that with some of the saffron. I paint this mixture on to the stretched napkin. This seals the surface and gives a nice quick drying yellow surface. Those who have made mayonnaise will also realize that egg yolk will mix with oil if carefully added and it was most likely this transition that originally led to the development of oil painting anyway.

Next we can grind the colors with our pestle and mortar and mix the powder with the cooking oil making a thick paste. You might like to experiment here with your shoe polish and zinc cream to get variations of the colors you need. You will find that mixing the saffron with the white will quickly give you a rather powerful yellow.

How Paint Light Source Oils

Next I selected a small silver bowl from the china cabinet (as my household is bereft to anything gold) and placed it where I might paint it ... in the meanwhile changing the silver to gold. Below you will observe my efforts. This whole demonstration should only take you an hour at most from making your paints to the finished article while the student can take as long as they like.

Saffron Gold Wax Cream

You will find the brush a little more difficult to handle as the pigments are much coarser than the commercial alternative. Still persevere and you might manage to amaze your friends if not your own household. After the painting dries you might find it becoming a little dull and lifeless. This is easily fixed with the application of some ordinary furniture polish or wax ... as has been done with oil paintings for centuries!

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