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This is an online shopping mall which cuts out many of intermediate levels that will bring you genuine goods with the most reasonable price. With more than 7 years of business, Luxury Wholesale Online basing on community model connects members to reviewed and verified providers and wholesalers of genuine luxury brands like Christian Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Prada, etc. All products are authentic, and after cutting-out a middleman or two, the goods are now sold at a much lower rate. Members get the perks of getting the goods straight from the designers factory, goes through the jobbers then it goes directly to the buyer. No hassles, no expensive fees. Just like going through a catalog, you can take your pick from hundreds of new items, as well as styles from previous seasons. What makes Luxury Wholesale Online different from other sites is that their goods come from exclusive sources, and the products comes with their original dustbags, boxes and authenticity cards. Read more...

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Website and estore design

A crucial aspect of the online branding strategy development of luxury goods is website and e-store design. Luxury fashion website and e-store design ought to aim to achieve more than basic, functional requirements, through a focus on an enhanced web experience for every visitor to the website. This is because e-retail involves a constant flow of innovative concepts of differentiation to meet the high expectations of the online consumer. One of the most powerful pioneering tools of designing...

The case of designer outlet shopping villages

Roca Outlet Village

Discount shopping is a major retail feature that attracts consumers to brands. In pursuit of the best value for their money, consumers are ready and willing to go an extra mile for certain types of products including fashion goods. It was on this premise that the concept of discount outlet centres was developed for fashion goods. In the early days of this phenomenon, discount outlets were found mainly in North America, and were often warehouse-style retail centres on the outskirts of major...

Branding strategy

Armani Brand Extension Model

The Giorgio Armani branding strategy is one of the most extensive and yet one of the most meticulously managed in the luxury fashion sector. The brand has skillfully crafted a single umbrella identity, personality and image from which other sub-brands have been developed. This is a delicate and risky venture for a luxury brand but the success that Giorgio Armani has achieved in managing a portfolio of sub-brands under the platform of a single brand is both remarkable and worth emulating. The...

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The legit version of Luxury Wholesale Online is not distributed through other stores. An email with the special link to download the ebook will be sent to you if you ordered this version.

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