Brand concept

The André Ross brand has its foundation in designing and producing highly-crafted bespoke products for a highly sophisticated clientele. This bespoke heritage base has been transferred to the production of a range of accessories for a broader luxury consumer group. This simple proposition that bespoke luxury accessories can be made available to a wider luxury market forms the essence of the brand.

This brand core was developed from the recognition that the world's fashionable women invest in stylish accessories that combine fine materials with intricately crafted hardware. For this reason, André Ross' products are made using luxurious leather and fine materials, accompanied by hardware coated in high-quality solid 23-carat gold.

André Ross has also made its brand synonymous with product customization through providing bespoke goods for a broad customer base. This brand strategy is highly relevant in the current global luxury market as it is an effective means to addressing the luxury consumers' increased demand for individualism and recognition.

Despite its relatively young existence, the products of André Ross are sought-after and collected by luxury connoisseurs and an elite consumer group. The brand's consumers are also known for their devotion and loyalty. These results are from a well-defined brand concept and positioning; and an effectively managed brand strategy. André Ross recognizes branding as one of its core competences and therefore makes branding the springboard of all its strategies.

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