Standardized Products And Luxury Goods

List of tables and figures x

Foreword by James Ogilvy xv

Author's note xvii

Acknowledgements xix

Introduction: who said fashion is not serious business? 1

1 A question of luxury 7

2 What's in a name? The history of luxury fashion branding 13

Branding evolution 13

Origins of luxury fashion 14

Early civilization fashion (3200 bc to 80 bc) 15

From Egypt to Crete and Greece (700 bc to 1150 bc) 16

The Etruscan and Roman fashion influence (800 bc to ad 476) 17 From Rome to the Byzantine Empire and the Middle-Ages

The Renaissance, Italy and fashion (15th and 16th centuries) 20

Seventeenth-century baroque fashion 21

The eighteenth century, France and luxury fashion 23

The nineteenth century and modern luxury fashion 25

The rise of the yankees 26

The twentieth-century fashion explosion 28

The sixties 30

The seventies 31

The eighties 32

The nineties 34

The noughties 35

2007 and beyond 37

The dolce vita style blast 38

America, fashion and commerce 41

The luxury brand index 44

Charles Frederick Worth: Le Père de la haute couture 47

Modern business principles 56

Great moments in the history of fashion 57

3 A passion for fashion: the luxury fashion consumer 59

The consumer is king 59

The consumer purchase-decision process 62

Who is the luxury fashion consumer? 65

The twenty-first century fashion consumption environment 68

Luxury consumer market indicators 70

The future luxury fashion consumer 76

Strategic implications for luxury brands 77

Luxury retail design and atmosphere 78

Luxury retail location 78

Store concept 81

Retail extension 88

Product merchandizing design 91

New selling techniques 95

The case of designer outlet shopping villages 97

The art of creating and managing luxury fashion brands 102

What is branding, really? 102

Branding benefits 103

Luxury fashion branding strategy development 105

The brand concept 107

The brand identity 110

Brand awareness 113

Brand positioning 116

Brand loyalty 118

Brand equity 120

Brand value 123

The luxury fashion marketing strategy 128

The product 129

Pricing 140

The place of distribution 142

Promotion 144

The celebrity connection 156

People 164

Positioning 167

The confusion and clarification of fashion co-branding 168

The menace of fake luxury goods 172

The luxury branding death-wish list 176

Digital luxury 178

The case for e-retail 178

E-retail indicators 180

E-retail attributes 182

The internet as a retail location 182

Online luxury fashion consumer behaviour 186

Luxury fashion e-retail strategy 191

Are luxury fashion products suitable for e-retailing? 192

E-retail strategy options 194

Luxury fashion e-marketing and e-branding strategy 202

E-marketing strategy 203

The 10 Cs of luxury fashion e-marketing 203

E-branding strategy 209

Website and e-store design 212

E-merchandizing 221

Final notes

The luxury e-retail death wish list

7 Le new luxe

A different fashion landscape

The effects of the changing environment

The rise of the masses

From fast fashion to throwaway fashion

Trend watching, trend tracking and luxury services

The new luxury brands

Accessible luxury

Intangible luxury

A borderline identity

So who are the true luxury brands?

How the future looks

8 Customize me!

What is customization?

Who wants to be customized?

What are the benefits of customization?

How can luxury brands customize goods and services?

Customizing standardized products

Point of delivery customization

Customizing the retail shopping experience

Producing bespoke goods

Customizing the online experience

Allowing the consumer to customize the process

What are the challenges of customization?

9 The luxury fashion business strategy model

What is a business strategy model? The business strategy modelling process End notes

10 Case illustrations

The Armani brand extension success story

The boom and bust of

The effect of licensing on Pierre Cardin's brand equity

Is André Ross the first twenty-first century luxury brand?

What does 'Britishness' mean in luxury fashion?

226 227 231 233

238 240

253 255 257

260 262

268 269

278 285 296 303 309



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