The demand for customization of products, services and web experiences is an aspect of the increasing expectations of online consumers. In the present luxury market, consumers desire to be recognized and provided with personal attention. In line with this, they expect the websites of luxury brands to provide tools to customize and personalize their experiences with the brands. One method of achieving this is through implementing techniques that aid in manipulating features of web pages such as background colour, wallpaper and text size. These could leave powerful lasting impressions on consumers. Another technique is the provision of multiple background music choices. Other methods of customization and personalization could be derived from the

Fashion Product Customization

Figure 6.14


Hindmarch's website provides tools for product customization, which boosts the overall web experience and enhances customer value (Summer 2006)

shopping habits and product preferences of a brand's consumers. A notable example of a luxury brand that uses customization as a means of providing a superior web experience is Roberto Cavalli. The website attains this through providing customizable wallpaper and multiple background music options.

In addition, the internet could be used as a means of making products and services customization available to a broad consumer group. This strategy is, however, lacking in the luxury sector as the majority of the existing luxury brands provide product customization only to a select clientele. There are a few exceptions, though, including British luxury brand Anya Hindmarch which pioneered the provision of product customization through its website as a means of enhanced customer value (Figure 6.14).

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