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2.1 Charles Frederick Worth, the man who invented haute couture and later became the first fashion entrepreneur 48

2.2 A design of Worth showing his elaborate style and attention to detail 48

2.3 A current lingerie design from recently launched brand Courtworth, an attempt at reviving the Worth fashion house 48

3.1 Consumers have evolved from the previous tag of

'Sheep' to the current tag of 'Smart'! 61

3.2 The three influential levels of the consumer decision-

making process. 64

4.1 Avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris, a luxury retail heaven 79

4.2 Store layouts 83

4.3 Le Bon Marché departmental store, Paris 85

4.4 The André Ross store exterior, Hong Kong 85

4.5 Vanessa Beecroft exhibition poster at L'Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris, January to March 2006 90

4.6 Brazilian carnival in-store entertainment at Printemps luxury departmental store, Paris, April 2005 91

4.7 The store window display of luxury department store, Harrod's Knightsbridge, London, April, 2006 93

4.8 The store window display of mass fashion brand H&M

at Knightsbridge, London, April 2006 93

4.9 Luxury department store, Galeries Lafayette, Paris, maintains consistency between its interior and exterior designs 94

4.10 Louis Vuitton's creative giant monogram trunk façade covering the renovation work at its Paris Champs

Elysées flagship store, 2004 94

4.11 Cartier's giant replica of its packaging box, covering the reconstruction work at its Paris Rue de la Paix store,

2005 94

4.12 Discount shopping outlet, Bicester Village, near London,

2004 99

4.13 La Vallée Village discount outlet village, near Paris,

2006 99

5.1 The Dior logo has evolved from Christian Dior to simply

'Dior', depicting a modern outlook 110

5.2 The Brand Personality Model of Jennifer Aaker 112

5.3 The luxury fashion brand positioning map 118

5.4 The luxury fashion branding process 128

5.5 The major luxury fashion product divisions 131

5.6 The luxury fashion product classification 133

5.7 The Luxury Fashion Product Classification using the

BCG Matrix 135

5.8 The Chloé Paddington bag named after the Paddington area of London 137

5.9 The André Ross signature Champs Elysées bag, named after Paris' Avenue des Champs Elysées 137

5.10 The Louis Vuitton classic Speedy bag in the brand's signature monogram 138

5.11 The Mulberry signature Roxanne bag 138

5.12 The Hermès classic Birkin bag named after actress

Jane Birkin 138

5.13 The Gucci Jackie bag named after US former first lady

Jackie Kennedy 138

5.14 The extended strategic pricing model 141

5.15 The vertical chain distribution system adopted by luxury brands 143

5.16 Who do luxury brands target when they choose busstands, train stations and street billboards as advertising media, such as these found in different French and

United Kingdom cities? 147

5.17 Burberry emphasising its English heritage through using a British actress to depict the quintessential English lifestyle (2006) 149

5.18 The Dior Crystal Watch advertisement (2005/2006), which focuses on the product features and design to accentuate its luxury status 150




The Emporio Armani eyewear advertisement (2006)




Furla's advertisement featuring employee Daniela


Bernardi (2006)




Oscar de La Renta (Spring 2006) advert, featuring Liya


Kebede, effectively captures the brand's essence of


stylish and modern chic




Uma Thurman for Louis Vuitton (2005)




Jennifer Lopez for Louis Vuitton (2004)


CD ■w


The positioning map



E-retail attributes




Louis Vuitton Stores are found in exclusive luxury


locations like the Sandton City Shopping Centre in South

Africa (2004)



Louis Vuitton's 'exclusive' online store for the European




The four-phase online customer Experience Hierarchy



The process of e-retail strategy development



The e-retail strategic options



Roberto Cavalli at (May 2006)



The Dior online boutique (October 2006)



The André Ross online boutique (August 2006)


6.10 provides a combination of fashion, celebrity,

trends and styles news with direct links to e-retail the

websites (May 2006)



Dior online store is available in the French, UK and

German markets and in the USA through

(Spring 2006)



Armani's US-only online store retails fragrance

cosmetics and timepieces; however, Armani products

are sold on several other independent websites

(Spring 2006)


6.13's live chat facility provides instant shopping

assistance in an efficient manner (June 2006)



Anya Hindmarch's website provides tools for

product customization, which boosts the overall web

experience and enhances customer value (Summer




The Dior website captures the brand essence through

its design and functionality features (May 2006)


6.16 (Spring 2004)


6.17 (Spring 2005)


6.18 (Spring 2006)


6.19 (Autumn 2006)


6.20 's online video clip of its fashion show (2006)



The Furla homepage uses appropriate sound that is

aligned to the brand's personality (August 2006)


6.22 Royal Elastics homepage creates a high impact introduction with music that accentuates its brand aura (August 2006) 218

6.23's interactive and multiple product view presentation and online CRM enhances the web shopping experience through boosting usability and atmosphere and compensating for the absence of a human presence (August 2006) 222

7.1 Mila and Eddie provides designer bag rental services. This addresses the 'throwaway fashion' attitude of consumers (August 2006) 232

7.2 The luxury industry's leading information source, Luxury Briefing Journal, is available only by subscription through 234

7.3 Quintessentially, the world's leading private members club and concierge service, provides luxury consumers with up-to-date luxury fashion and lifestyle information through the Quintessentially magazine 235

7.4 The previous market hierarchy structure of the luxury goods sector in relation to customer strata in the society 240

8.1 Denim brand Levi's provides mass customized product services through its innovative 'Jeanfinder' feature on its website (May 2006) 252

8.2 The Louis Vuitton Passy bag exists in one material and two-colour, size and price choices, limiting consumers to a standardized product 256

8.3 The changes that occur in the value chain during the customization of standardized products and services 256

8.4 The changes that occur in the value chain during the creation of customizable products and services 257

8.5 Apple provides point-of-sale customization through an online tool to personalize the iPod before purchase from its website, (June 2006) 258

8.6 The individual charms on certain products such as Louis Vuitton jewellery are easily customizable by consumers at the point of sale or delivery to add a special touch to customer experience 258

8.7 The value chain changes in the point-of-sale customization of products and services 259

8.8 Changes in the value chain during the creation of customizable products and services 260

8.9 Anya Hindmarch provides one of the most efficient bespoke services in the luxury sector, through the Bespoke Ebury (above) and the Be A Bag (not shown) collections 261

8.10 The changes in the value chain during the provision of bespoke products and services 262

0 8.11 The changes in the value chain during the online experience customization of products and services 263 8.12 The changes in the value chain during the consumer customization of products and services 265 9.1 The environmental analysis levels of business modelling 269


9.2 The current situation analysis level of the luxury fashion cd business model 272

9.3 The strategic challenge level of the luxury fashion business model 273

0 9.4 The strategy formulation level of the luxury fashion business model 273

9.5 The implementation planning level of the luxury fashion business model 274

9.6 The performance measurement level of the luxury fashion business model 275

9.7 The luxury fashion business model 276

10.1 The Armani brand portfolio 279

10.2 The Armani brand extension model 283

10.3 André Ross spring/summer 2005 product collection and autumn/winter 2005/2006 advertisements 305

10.4 Some of the key factors of the British luxury fashion revolution 313

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