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The history and evolution of fashion is undoubtedly fascinating. The world of fashion has witnessed several important phenomena that have brought change to both its consumption patterns and management practices. Here are ten events that so far can be summed up as the greatest moments in the evolution of luxury fashion. They incorporate the facet of creative design, the influence of society and the management aspect of fashion:

1 The early Egyptian era of opulence.

2 The Italian Renaissance period of art and fashion.

3 The reign of France's King Louis XIV and the rise of French luxury fashion and lifestyle.

4 The century of Charles Frederick Worth and the invention of haute couture.

5 Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and the birth of modern luxury.

6 The rise of New York and American ready-to-wear.

7 The second Italian fashion revolution of the sixties and seventies.

8 Tom Ford, the revival of Gucci and commercial luxury fashion.

9 Bernard Arnault, LVMH and modern luxury fashion management. 10 The internet revolution and e-commerce.

The history of luxury fashion branding indicates the unquestionable role of society in laying a foundation for the sector and contributing to its development.



It also identifies important chronological events that have shaped the luxury brands that we know today. These, together with constant interaction with luxury brands, provide a framework for the current and future practices of the sector and the continuous relationship between consumers and luxury brands.

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