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The story of Charles Worth hasn't been recounted simply for entertainment, it is rather an important illustration that draws out highly relevant business guidelines for practitioners in the luxury fashion sector and beyond.

Charles Worth applied two major principles that made his fashion business highly successful. The first was his utilization of influential people in society as a publicity tool. He had an early realization of the importance of attaching his name to the celebrities that could influence fashion, and this practice continues to be applied by current luxury brands, notably with Hollywood stars.

The second business principle that he applied was the use of insight into consumer behaviour as a guide to creating desirable clothes. Worth understood the important role that societal evolution played in fashion, and was able to anticipate change and remain flexible enough to innovate his designs and business approaches according to changing consumer tastes and attitudes at different times.

Other business lessons that can be drawn from the fashion innovator and genius, Charles Frederick Worth, are the following:

1 He never gave up his ambition to become a couturier.

2 He spotted opportunities quickly and moved swiftly to exploit them.

3 He was bold enough to enter an industry dominated by women and was ready to be a laughing-stock in the short term in order to achieve his long-term goals.

4 He understood his business thoroughly and gained an unparalled level of expertise in both textile merchandizing and dressmaking.

5 He knew his signature style and never compromised it.

6 He understood the concept of differentiation and innovation and knew when a product and a brand required extension.

7 He was a true trend-watcher and recognized the evolution of his market environment.

8 He knew that the rich and famous not only mattered in society but are an effective tool for brand promotion.

9 He was a skilled self-promoter and extended his personality to his brand image.

10 He trained himself to be the best in his field and he became the best.

Additional business lessons can be drawn from the factors that contributed to the demise of La Maison Worth. They are the following:

1 La Maison Worth became too comfortable in its market leadership position and relaxed its competitive edge, giving room for newcomers to encroach into its market space. Like the famous ship, Titanic, the couture house believed that it couldn't sink.

2 After Charles Worth's death, La Maison Worth overlooked changing societal trends and evolving consumer tastes.

3 The couture house ignored their competitors and failed to recognize their potential.

4 After the death of Charles Worth, La Maison Worth focused on promoting the spirit of Charles Worth to a diminishing consumer group instead of reinventing the brand to attract a new consumer group and retain the interest of the old consumers.

5 Charles Frederick Worth did not prepare his design house well enough for his demise.

If La Maison Worth were still in existence with a similar level of prominence and fame, the brand value would have been among the highest in the world of luxury fashion. Although La Maison Worth no longer exists, Charles Worth undoubtedly set the foundation of the modern luxury fashion sector as an important aspect of the global society and a strong global economic force.

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