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André Ross also places great emphasis on its product development as one of its key success factors. The products are designed through internal creative talent and external consultants and designers with outstanding experience. In some aspects, such as hardware production, the brand also partners with ateliers and matelliers with proven savoir-faire. This production flexibility provides the brand with the ability to easily adapt to changing consumer needs.

The workmanship reflects handcrafted traditional know-how as each André Ross product is assembled by hand. Several products in the range have also remained under the bespoke collection. For example, the Luxury Fur bag collection of autumn/winter 2005 was a limited edition of 40 pieces.

The brand uses materials that possess the greatest possible strength and reflect a perfect fusion of traditional leather-making and technical triumph. Each of the products is made with hand-selected materials and completed with lavish fittings. The products also feature the distinctive André Ross logo with the signature 23-carat gold plated hardware on the exterior and butter soft lambskin lining on the interior. The individualized bespoke bags often come in solid 18-carat yellow or white gold hardware.

Other product features of the prêt-à-porter range indicate distinctive qualities such as a soft suede lining that can be pulled out for cleaning, a turn lock for extra security, screwed down buckles for longer wear, individual serial numbers and a lifetime guarantee. The brand is also the pioneer of the Haute Couture Index Item code (HDII) which is a mark of quality and authenticity for each product.

The retail strategy of André Ross is both innovative and revolutionary. The brand adopted the Reverse Positioning strategy in its retail development, as a result of its understanding of the nature of the global luxury market. This strategy features an implementation of strategies that are often contrary to the structural techniques of an industrial sector. Luxury brands have traditionally followed the technique of opening up stores in the major fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, New York and London and then expanding the retail network afterwards. André Ross, however, adopted a strategy contrary to this by launching its first retail store in the lucrative Asian market, Hong Kong, and then expanding its global retail network from there. Although the brand maintains its bespoke ateliers and overall product development in France, it used the Asian market as a launch-pad for its extended global retail network. This strategy is highly feasible in the current luxury market context as the Asian market has the potential of becoming the world's largest luxury market.

Companies often adopt the reverse positioning strategy in markets that are either currently undergoing an evolution or those that require new practices. The strategy is often a challenging and sometimes risky venture. The key to the success of the strategy is timing, as this strategy only works if implemented at the right time to a ready consumer market. In the case of André Ross, the strategic implication of this tactic is the use French savoir-faire and heritage to tap into the high-yielding Asian market.

An additional viable retail strategy that André Ross has adopted is e-retail through its website, The brand is one of only a few luxury brands that have effectively implemented e-retailing for a global luxury market. Unlike several luxury brands that currently feature limited products that are distributed to a few markets, André Ross retails its complete product range to a global market. The brand maintains and protects its brand aura online through a website that is highly functional, aesthetically pleasing and exudes a luxurious atmosphere. The products are also retailed through exclusive boutiques in Paris and New York, with planned expansion in other key markets.

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