The luxury fashion marketing strategy

The process of branding begins from the marketing strategy, where the products and services are created and strategies for their pricing, distribution, promotion and positioning are devised for the target market(s). Branding and marketing have a mutually beneficial relationship. Branding is a core aspect of marketing and also depends on the marketing strategy for its existence because without products and services (which marketing devises), the branding process cannot exist. Marketing on the other hand benefits from branding because a strong brand enhances the marketing strategy while a weak brand suppresses it.

The luxury fashion marketing strategy comprises of the branding mix as its main component which will be tagged here as 'The Six Ps of Luxury Branding'. The branding mix are recognized marketing elements that drive the branding process forward. Like the famous Four Ps of the marketing mix, the Six Ps is a tool that propels the marketing and branding strategies of luxury brands in the direction of market success. The Six Ps are the following:

1 The Product

2 The Pricing

3 The Place of Distribution

4 The Promotion

5 The People

6 The Positioning

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