Boothroyd, A. E. Fascinating Walking Sticks. London and New

York: White Lion Publishers, 1973. Dike, Catherine. Cane Curiosa: From Gun to Gadget. Paris: Les Editions de l'Amateur; Geneva: Dike Publications, 1983. Good for gadget canes and the many purposes of walking sticks.

Klever, Ulrich. Walking Sticks, Accessory, Tool and Symbol. At-glen, Pa.: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1984. Good for cultural history.

Stein, Kurt. Canes and Walking Sticks. York, Pa.: Liberty Cap Books, 1974. A good overview of the accessory and its many uses.

Thornberry, Walter. "My Walking Stick Shop." In The Pictorial World. 3rd edition. July, 1875. In Gilham, F. Excerpts on fashion and fashion accessories 1705-1915, Volume VI: Umbrella and Walking Sticks 1766-1915, 1705-1915. This volume contains an extensive range of primary news cuttings and advertisements for walking sticks. Available from the art library at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Leslie Harris

CAPUCCI, ROBERTO Roberto Capucci was born in Rome on 2 December 1930. He attended the Liceo artistico and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, undecided as to whether to become an architect or a film director. He began designing clothing when he was still quite young and soon turned to fashion as his primary activity.

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