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Become a Professional Fashion Designer

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Thirty Lessons with Conventional Charts by


Director of Vie Edith Young Art School, Newark, N. J., Formerly Art Director of the Albert Studio of Fashion Drawing, Albert Business College, Newark, N. J., and Instructor of Fashion Drawing at the Young Women'» Christian Asín, Newark, N. J.


NEW YORK JOHN WILEY & SONS, Inc. London: CHAPMAN & HALL, Limited 1919

Copyright. 1919 bt






Drawing Materials vii let.30n

II. To Put the Dress on the Form 4

The Back Form 5

III. The Side-plaited Skirt 9

The Box-plaited Skirt 9

IV. The Tucked Skirt 13

The Circular Over-skirt 13

The Ruffled Skirt 13

V. The Plaited Waist 17

The Ruffled Waist 17

The Bent Sleeve 18

Collar* 18

VI. The Turked Waist 21

The Tight Jacket 21

Collar* 21

The Pointed Girdle 22

VII. The Large Coat 21

VIII. Plaids, Stripe« and Figure« 27

X. Bows, Ribbons and Flowers 32

XI. To make a Sketch fmm a Costume 33

XII. Features 39

lesson paod

XIII The Head and Hair 45

To Place the Hat on the Head 46

XIV. The Construction of the Head 49

XV. The Arm and Hand.' Proportions of the Arm and Hand 53

XVI. The Leg and Shoe 57

XVII. The Front Figure (Three-quarter

View) 61

Proportions of Children 62

XVIII. To Place a Dresd on the Figure 64

Illustrating a Costume 64

XIX. Pen and Ink Line* 69

French Wash. Th? Ben Day Machine 70

XX. Feathers and Hats 73

XXI. Parasols 76

XXII. Furs and Fans 78

XXIII. The Back Figure 80

XXIV. The Side Figure 82

XXV; The Sitting Figure 84

XXVI. Texture and Detail Work 87

List of Costume Materials 88

XXVII. Perspective 91

XXVIII. Layouts for Newspaper* and Catalogues 97

The Method of Enlargement 98

XXIX. Original Dress Defining. . 101

XXX. Decorative Work 105

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