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The course is designed by Mr. Matt who is a teacher, an artist, and an illustrator. His vast and proven experience allowed him to develop this course. There are many courses out there in the market but they all lack the real meaning of drawing which is that the drawing can not only be learned from small tricks or methodologies, it requires a real knowledge. A person must learn the core fundamentals to be a real artist. All of this knowledge is given in this course which includes 26 illustrated eBooks with 178 pages and more than 5 hours watch time of 28 HD videos. Everything is concisely designed and briefly described in 28 modules which are very easy to understand by every type of person either a beginner or an intermediate artist. The course covers the basic elements of drawing as well as multiple mediums and different techniques. The course offers all of its content for downloading. People face many problems like how to see the things like an artist, which color is suitable for a specific artwork, how to improve their abilities and skills and many more. This course gives the solution to all such problems in an effective manner. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this ebook are precise.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Pencil Drawing Made Easy

This online course teaches you how to start drawing amazing pencil drawings, even if you have never been able to make good art before this! With over 40 hours of quality drawing instruction, you will be able to draw the best quality artwork you've ever been able to do in your life. You are able to watch these lessons from any device that you have, and thus learn to draw from anywhere! Supposedly, learning to draw is really hard After completing this course, you will wonder why you ever thought something like that was true! You will be amazed at how easily you are able to pick up drawing and start making art in ways that you have never been able to before! It takes a bit of time to learn, but you will be amazed at how quickly you progress in your artistic skills with this course! Read more...

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How To Draw Animals Step By Step

If you've wanted to master drawing animals, you've come to the right place. How to Draw 200 Animals will take you on an artistic journey you will never forget. In fact, you will yearn to take it again and again until you've mastered every nook and corner. This book is basically a PDF containing instructions for drawing 200 animals like a pro. It has every requisite to mold your skills and polish them so that you can draw curves and intricate details in no time. Or better yet, you can help your son or daughter learn new drawing skills. We're sure this book will prove to be the best gift you've given them till now. The instructions laid out in the book are step-by-step, which means you or your child will go through the process seamlessly. In learning each step, you would continually start linking one aspect with another until a full animal drawing is looking at you. Not only this, the drawings are taught in 6 to 8 steps and there are more than 200 animals you can learn. Four bonuses are also given and they include animals of all kinds. Read more...

How To Draw Animals Step By Step Summary

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Drawing skills

Fashion Illustration Drawing Templates

Fashion drawing is a practical skill that needs practise to master your hand-to-eye co-ordination. A skill may be defined as an ability or aptitude to perform something well. Just like learning to play the piano or learning to dance, fashion drawing skills need to be learnt and practised over and over again until they become second nature. The drawing skills continuum (Fig. 1.1) outlines a range of potential abilities from the novice who has paper fright to the artist with natural drawing flair. As with the person who dances with two left feet or the singer who is tone deaf - the paper fright novice needs highly structured guidelines to follow, almost like painting by numbers. Meanwhile, at the other end of the continuum, the artist with natural flair also needs certain guidelines to present their art work to the accepted industry standards. It is these drawing skills and standards that will be developed in Fashion Artist. A need or structure and to I earn pfoven drawing techniques...

Earn while you learn fashion drawing

Pencil Drawing Fashion

A single issue of a national mass magazine, picked at random, had in its advertising pages exclusive of photography pictures drawn in the following mediums pencil drawings alone and in combination with wash, pen and ink, ink in combination with Ben Day screens, wash and color, various other ink treatments such as dry brush and scratchboard, air brush drawings, transparent wash and gouache drawings in black and white, oil paintings in full color and water color drawings in transparent color and gouache.

The Sidfplaited Skirt

Overskirt Drawing

Begin with the side-plaited skirt (Fig. F which is a full front view). Draw the form, being sure to make a graceful ellipse at the top, anil after placing the belt as directed in Lesson II, mark oft at the waist the size of the center box-plait, the sides of which are an even distance from the center line. Decide upon the width of the side plaits, which must be in good proportion to the box-plait, and on each side of the box plait mark them oft, being sure to have all the plaits the same width. From these points draw lines down, flaring slightly until they touch the bottom line of the skirt form. Each plait will touch this line at X, the nearest point 0 is back, draw so, as in the skirt with fullness at the bottom (Lesson II), but make each plait a sharper point than in the gathered skirt. The deeper the plait the farther back 0 is from X. The plaits are wider at the bottom than at. the top. Not being stitched down, they open somewhat after leaving the belt. STUDENT'S MANUAL OF...

The Flemish Technique

The earliest oil painting method evolved from the earlier discipline of egg tempera painting, as an attempt to overcome the difficulties and limitations inherent in that medium. As this took place initially in Flanders, the method is referred to as the Flemish Technique. Essential to this method of painting are a rigid surface primed pure white, and a very precise line drawing. The Flemish painted on wood panels primed with a glue chalk ground, which caused the transparent passages to glow with warmth from beneath the surface of the paint. As this method did not easily accommodate corrections once the painting The Flemish method, in summary, consists of transparent shadows and opaque highlights, over a precise line drawing, on wood panels primed pure white. The painting medium may possibly contain a resin and or balsam, which increases clarity and gloss, or a combination of a polymerized oil with a raw oil, which takes on the most desirable characteristics of a resin when used...

Art Materials And Equipment

Pastel Painting With Coloured Papers

T.very artist even painters, sculptors and printmakers benefit from being skilled at drawing with a pencil. The pencil is a convenient and expressive means of evolving a composition and of recording visual information quickly for translation into another medium later on. Most works of art begin with a pencil drawing. Lead pencils arc available either in the form of traditional wood-cased pencils or in a mechanical pop-up style. The advantage of a mechanical pencil is that it is always sharp. You can also select a variety of lead thicknesses for this type of pencil ranging from 0.3 to 0.9. Pencil leads are graphite and they are made in several grades ranging from hard (H) to soft (B the B stands for black). The hardest make fine, pale-grey lines and the softest produce thicker, black lines. The grades are usually designated as follows 911, 811, 7H, 61-1, 51-1, 31-1, 2H, H, MB, F, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, fiB, 7B, 8B, 9B, MB and F (which stands for fine point) are midway between hard and...

Fashion Drawings Using Inks

Ink is an alternative medium to paint that, if used properly, can create an interesting fashion illustration. Depending on the type of ink you use, you can make a variety of marks. Waterproof ink will produce solid, hold line drawings to which washes can be added, while non-waterproof ink will disperse in water, creating marvellous patterns. Indian ink has been used for centuries and, because of its versatility, is the first choice of medium for many illustrators. You can use ink directly from the jar or choose from a large selection of pens,

Experiments with media

Different Effects Using Oil Pastels

Crayons and paints if by nature you prefer a thin, hard pencil, force yourself to use bright colors applied with a wet, broad brush. Even if you return to your usual methods after the exercise, the experience of exploring different media will give your illustrations an extra zest. Many of these experimental attempts are destined for the wastepaper basket, but don't worry. There are so many ways of putting your ideas on paper pen and ink, watercolor, oil pastel, conte, felt-tip pen, charcoal, poster paint, and soft pencil. These media can even be accompanied by colored paper and tissue, found textures, or cuttings from newspapers and magazines collaged onto the drawing.

Fleshing out templates 2 to

Fashion Templates Figures

All measurements and shapes are guidelines - they do not have to be strictly adhered to. Adjust your drawing as many times as necessary move the paper up, down, sideways and correct lines, improve the shapes (slim down the figure, reshape muscles), retrace until you have a fleshed out line drawing that you are happy with. At this stage you may decide you wish to elongate your fashion figure to ten heads or more by adding length to the legs.

Students Manual Of Fashion Drawing

How Draw Side View Skirt

Way to begin the study of this and all succeeding lessons, is to read all points relating to a certain figure (of course beginning with Fig. A), without looking at the lesson plate then take a hard pencil, or a dull point of some kind, re-read the instructions, going over the lines of the figure with the point, according to the directions. Make careful note of the direction of the lines, and form a mental image of the figure by imagining that you are drawing it. Next select a sheet of drawing paper, and with a soft pencil (medium), draw Fig. A as directed below. Follow the way explained the student will find progress much easier and quicker by proceeding as directed than by trying some other way. STUDENT'S MANUAL OF FASHION DRAWING LESSON II

Earn while you learn fashion drawing13

Mode Tekenen Leren

This method is used to produce an effect of half-lone without the use of a half tone pfale. Ross board is a pebble-surfaced board which comes in various degrees of density. Make the usual careful pencil drawing and Irace if down. The basic drawing is done in ink with a brush, then the graded lones are added with o lilho crayon or grease pencil. To produce The rone, stort by stroking Ihc surface of the board lightly with the croyon which, coming in contact with the lop of the pebbled finish, produces a light lone. By increasing the pressure on the crayon slightly where desired, the lone can be mode darker, and you can even make some areas dork or dense enough lo join with solid blacks. A line plale is made for reproduction because oil of the lines and dots are black, os you can see lor yourself by examining your drawing with an enlarging glass. Here is another way of producing a line drawing with the addition of gray lones. Make your black line drawing first with waterproo ink. Then,...

Earn while you learn fashion drawing15

Photo Retouching Frisket

Friskel paper comes in nineteen by twenty-four inch sheets. It is thin, transparent and waterproof and is prepared for use by applying a smooth coat of good quality rubber cemcnl to one side, using a wide brush or pouring a thinned mixture of 50 per cent rubber cement and 50 per cent thinner from the can as Illustrated here. The untreated frisket paper is in the bottom of the troy and the excess cement is caught in another container. A prepared frisket paper is also available. It comes with the adhesive side protected by wax paper. Lay the frisket paper over your photograph or drawing to be retouched. Be careful to avoid wrinkles by smoothing it out with your hand from the center outward. Pencil lines should be very light so they will not show if transparent color is used. Cut along the lines of the area to be air brushed, using a very sharp frisket knife. Do not cut too deeply into your drawing or photograph. Remove the cut-out section of frisket and run your finger along the cut...

Pen and ink lines french wash ben day machine

Renissance Ink Wash Pictures

The idea is not to draw just an ink line over the pencil line but to draw the light kind of a line. Lines should be thick or thin, straight or wavy, as the nature of the picture requires. In the first place a pen line should be made with one clean-cut stroke and not patched up. A line should be of even width, unless shading js called for. Cut out a sheet of bristol board, a little larger than the chart, and with pencil copy all lines carefully. In this way you will become familiar with the lines. Refer to Lesson I on how to study with a sharp point.

Cities In The Sky Painting Clouds

Best Clouds And Sky Pencil Shading

You can do this simple little exercise on a sheet of paper with some colored pencils. Later people will wonder why you keep looking up at the sky and most likely assume you are either idealistic or a deep thinker (both these roles being totally foreign to most painters).

Designers and illustrators

Most fashion trends stem from the creative talents of designers and illustrators who use their skills to express the language of fashion to manufacturers and the media. They transfer what is seen in real life to a concise drawing on paper. But there are some distinct differences in the drawing skills that a designer and an illustrator require and these should be clarified. Fashion Illustrators, by contrast, give a signature style to a fashion designer's creation. Using their creative drawing skills, they build on and enhance these basic fashion sketches. Their art work may be used for a fashion design presentation, an advertisement, a marketing presentation or as a journalistic visual representation, presenting not only the illustration of the garment design but the total concept. Fashion illustration is a commercial art form in its own right, a way to express and accentuate a fashion design to present to a client.

Lesson Earn while you learn fashion drawing

Learn Book Feshion Magezine

The practical reason tor the use of line and wash drawings is that they reproduce better in newspapers than photographs do. It is important to make an accurate pencil drawing on tissue and to fill in the values with a pencil as a guide for the use of your wash tones, which should be done with a camel's hair brush and lampblack. When you are called upon to make a black and while drawing, you should ask whether ii is lo appear in a newspaper or a magazine and what technique is desired. We have described and illustrated several techniques on preceding pages and you should be familiar with each of them. The drawings worked in dry brush and on Ross board have a soft, sympathetic style and reproduce well on any paper stock. Line drawings and line and Ben Day drawings are strong and brilliant, though more severe, but they are most satisfactory when details are very important. With a wash drawing, you have a means of creating a photographic effect plus an assurance of better reproduction than...

How to use the book

Fashion Artist will teach you how to draw and present fashion figures and designs, and give you an insight into how your drawing skills can be applied in the world of fashion. The chapters have been set out in a logical learning sequence to guide you through the fashion drawing techniques, along with self-explanatory worked examples. Chapters 2 and 3 Discuss the art kit and sketch book which are the tools of the trade. The starter art kit is a fundamental artist's tool kit which can be progressively built-up as you learn the drawing techniques throughout the book. Each chapter begins with an art box of items required to complete the exercises in the chapter. Chapters 4 to 15 Take you through the fashion drawing skills. To encourage you to put pen to paper you initially learn to sketch a basic nine head figure template using the oval and triangle technique, then progress to drawing several popular fashion poses using this technique (Figure Matrix page 13). The Figure Matrix is a...

Art kit

Best Pictures

Art box - 49, faces, hands and feet - 49, the face - 50, drawing the face front view - 50, drawing tips - 50, face turned - 52, drawing the face turned 3 4 perspective - 52, face profile - 54, drawing the face profile - 54, faces gallery, hands - 58, drawing fashion hands - 58, feet and shoes - 60, fashion artist's gallery - 62

What Is In The Book

Color Board Design For Promostyl

Chapter Two, The Figure , focuses on basic drawing skills, providing a solid understanding of anatomy and the physical structure of the human form. Through a series of observational exercises the reader learns to draw the nude and clothed figure from life and photographs, understand correct proportions and draw features of the body accurately. The use of a template and the effective exaggeration of the proportions of a fashion figure are also explained clearly. Chapter Six, Tutorials , explains how the illustrative styles indentified in the previous chapter can be realized through a series of step-by-step tutorials. This chapter encourages the reader to build fashion illustrations in stages, experimenting with new techniques. The tutorials focus on collage, embroidery, traditional painting and drawing methods, and digital manipulation.

Costume design 150

Layouts Designs For Fashion Croquis

Fashion Artist - Drawing Techniques to Portfolio Presentation has been designed as a self-teaching book both for the novice and those who wish to enhance their drawing and design skills, and communicate their designs ideas on paper as part of the design process. Fashion Artist progressively guides you through a comprehensive set of fashion drawing and presentation techniques, an integral part of this is the development of several popular fashion poses which become your fashion templates. Starting with very basic shapes and figure drawings, you will quickly progress along the learning curve to produce visually exciting illustrations and a professional fashion design portfolio - the passport to your career. The text is supported with explanatory drawings and photographs to clearly demonstrate the drawing techniques, together with plenty of drawing exercises and examples from designers and illustrators around the world. The fashion industry is a challenging and competitive business, so...

Drawing Materials

Tech Drawing Pencil Skirt

Drawing board (or baking board) drawing tablet medium soft pencil (H. B.) soft eraser thumbtacks emery sharpener penknife soft cotton rag portfolio pencil holder note book. For InK Work. Bristol board (plate finish) or pen and ink paper hard pencil eraser ink eraser (be careful of its use) two pen holders two No. 170 Gillott pens two No. 290 Gillott pens one stub-pen bottle Higgin's drawing ink (waterproof) small camel's hair brush (for ink) one sheet of tracing paper one sheet of blotting paper. Useful Articles. Magnifying glass diminishing glass T-square ruler with metal edge ruling pen compass ink compass art gum (to clean drawings) fixatif (to spray charcoal and pencil drawings) atomizer small piece of blue glass (to study drawings through) kneaded eraser (for pencil or charcoal work) plumb line raw potato (to clcan pens) crayon pencils, No. 1, 2, 3, B. When ruling a line in ink, place the ruler wrong side up along the pencil line, hold very steady and rule with...

Richard Gray

Which media and techniques do you use I use gouache, pencil, airbrush, collage and ink. I resolutely do not use the computer to do my work. Although there is some incredible computer-based work around, I really need to physically draw a pencil line, or paint a brushstroke, to make those dynamics. I much prefer to see the physical creation of artwork, even


Robert Passantino

Utilizing a different style from his other work, Antonio packs his pencil drawing full of intense detail. Cossack costume has been an inspiration for a number of designers. In the 1970s Saint Laurent, for example, launched a collection based on Russian dress, as well as others that drew from Spanish, Moroccan, Chinese and gypsy dress. In addition to his Mondrian collection, he has also paid homage to Picasso, Braque and Cocteau, among others.

Drawing From Life

Fashion Illustration Sketches Men

Here, a single page has been used for a series of quick studies, Working with pencil, the artist concentrates on several poses in order to build an understanding of the figure and the way it moves. lo improve his talent for capturing catwalk styles, Francis Marshall draws frequently from observation, His sketchbook pages show women walking, detailed pencil drawings of facial features and clothing accessories. lo improve his talent for capturing catwalk styles, Francis Marshall draws frequently from observation, His sketchbook pages show women walking, detailed pencil drawings of facial features and clothing accessories. Working from observation, make a continuous line drawing of the figure. As you look at your subject, keep your hand moving constantly so that the line remains unbroken. You can complete this exercise using any medium charcoal, pencil or pen. Avoid the temptation to create accurate details, such as those of the face, with lots of small lines. The purpose of this...

Early Career

Rabanne's drawing skills made it possible for him to enter the world of fashion as early as 1955 indeed, to finance his architecture studies, he regularly supplied drawings of handbags for Roger Model and shoes for Charles Jourdan until 1963. In 1959 Women's Wear Daily published seven sketches of dresses signed Franck Rabanne. Though this was the first time the designer's name appeared in public, he chose Franck because the number of letters in the first and last names totaled a lucky thirteen. (He did not begin using the name Paco professionally until 1965.) These dresses bore the imprint of the style of Balenciaga, whose work was familiar to the young Rabanne through his mother, a former chief seamstress in the master's workshop in San Sebasti n in Spain.

The 1940s

At first, due to the lack of necessary materials, the new style could only be produced slowly, but soon countless private seamstresses were busy fulfilling the dream of the New Look. In the spring of 1948, Dior's Ligne Envol (pencil line) followed, introducing narrow skirts with the famous Dior slit, underlayed with material for walking ease. Nylon stockings were in high demand, leaving shiny rayon and woolen stockings forever in the past.

Faces andsfeet

Full Figure Fashion Magazine

As with the fashion figure, you can learn fail safe drawing techniques to help you sketch the face, hajids and feet confidently. As you become accustflned to drawing them you will naturally develop your ovln style. In this chapter, we begin by drawing the features separately before sketching them on the fashion figure templates in the next chapter, Figure Tfflphtes. 2B Graphite pencil

Drawing from your

11 is never easy to put that first mark on a blank sheet I of paper. A valuable exercise, therefore, for the student of fashion design is to practice drawing a collection made up from garments that already exist, giving an overall look to a selection of unrelated items. By choosing pieces from your own wardrobe, you are making sure that you start with clothes that you like and already coordinate to best effect every time you go out. You know on which occasions you would wear them and therefore have some idea of the style of illustration that might be appropriate casual, chic, or glamorous. Sometimes you need to be very literal in your drawings at other times you can be more flamboyant. In this unit, you will explore how to project not simply the shape and color of the clothes but also the overall image. Boldness Is often the best approach be confident and use your own style in your illustrations.


First, I draw a sketch on paper with a pencil, then I scan it. I open the file in Illustrator and trace over the pencil drawing. At this point I choose the colours too (which is the best par of working with a computer you can change and undo or redo as much as you want, like a game). When it's all traced, I export to Photoshop, where I do the final touch volumes, lights, skin effects

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