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Hollister Co., 40, Hollister Co. stores CAMI Sizes XS-XL, A ropostale, 17, A ropostale stores SKIRT Sizes 0-15, Rave, 23, Rave stores Claire's, 11, Icing by Claire's stores elements of style the cutest new sneakers cropped pants, cuffed jeans, or miniskirts. SWEATER Sizes XS-XL, Eckored, 62, Macy's sizes S-L, Refuge, 20, Charlotte Russe stores PANTS Sizes 0-13, A ropostale, 30, A ropostale stores JACKET Sizes S-L, Plugg, 48, Macy's and Vanity stores T-SHIRT Sizes S-L, Lipsy, 10, Rainbow stores...


Look whether you're girly or wild.r barrel b 8, Burlington 8 Coat Factory stores Icing by Claire's, 7, Icing by Claire's stores double-layer camisole h irt hoop earrings d I'm one of them, e give strong perform Its nine essential nutrients help me give strong pei day after day. What can it do for you WILT ClAKKSON C1004 AMIRlCAi Mil* fWOClMOItt


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BE A DENIM DIVA ONE PAIR IS NOT ENOUGH. With Wal-Mart's prices, you can get a pair for every day of the week Choose from a variety of fits, washes and embellishments. STYLE TIPS Small back pockets and darker washes are slimming and make you look taller Sequins and animal print trims are the latest trends the trick is to keep it simple Secure your style with a great belt choose from basic to studded. ALL FULL LENGTH JEANS No Boundaries FOLDED JEANS Faded Glory


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Sizes XS-XL, DKNY Jeans, 34, Macy's and Filene's Pair these with a super-cropped sweater (just wear a tee underneath so it looks flirty, not cheesy). 1us 17st the best designer stuff Mix a vintage-y tee with menswear-inspired pants and sneakers for a skater vibe. Mix a vintage-y tee with menswear-inspired pants and sneakers for a skater vibe.


Who says s< e doesnTmHH npmT-f length rmcrofiber mascara in very black loca g H 'versus othetJaadmg mascarar-cl ming volume ar.fj lonqt Pi mayoeiline lie, dist our longest, thickest, most intense lash look yet two coats of mega-magnifying microfiber plus a new maximizer brush take lashes beyond what you've ever experienced before Make time for fashion and beauty with your own desktop calendar. Check it out at Target.com up2d8.

Preach Tolerance

I'm writing about Sarah's response in June to April's Am I Gay article. People like her need to stop being so prejudiced against gays. You claim you're Christian and speaking for God, Sarah, but you're really not. Have you heard of Love Thy Neighbor You are doing the exact opposite. Just because someone's gay doesn't mean they're not human. It's not fair. Open your eyes God created us all different, and that's what makes life wonderful. If you treat someone who's gay with no respect, you might...

Cropped Jacket

Finding great vintage stuff can feel daunting. So check out this guide to see what's hot, where to shop, and how to put it all together. vintage Used clothes and accessories from different eras that are resold in stores. and Mary-Kate are buying beat-up cowboy boots for fall, according to What Comes Around Goes Around, NYC's Go vintage hunting in these three types of shops.


I have a hot tip for all you ladies who like to plan ahead for your winter wardrobe. I got a sneak peek at the winter fashions from Rampage, and they heat up the cold weather. Sexy Bohemian meets Aspen chic From luxe beading to sequins and rhinestones, it's all about embellishment. Layer on your best sunglasses, a great jacket, your fave pair of sexy boots and show off your glamorous self.

On A Role

Although I do give Hilary Duff props for her hard work, I have to admit, I can't stand her, and I didn't know what to think when I saw her on the cover. It's as if she expects everyone to baby her because she's picked On by other stars. But then she's not at fault when she talks about them That's just really immature. Who cares if they're out flashing skin and she's not I'm happy that she wants to be this good role model, but pointing out the flaws of others isn't the way to do it. She needs to...

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Items that are at least 20 years old. don't want to dig for stylish stuff their items are usually organized by era and tend to be in great condition. love a bargain everything is really cheap. But you'll need to scour these disorganized stores for hidden gems. shop here if you're dying to find last season's Gucci bag. This is a great place to get labels for less but prices may not be dirt cheap


Gives coverage and is good for everyday. Plus, it's pretty Sizes 32A-38D, Lily of France, style 2E06, 28, JCPenney Gives coverage and is good for everyday. Plus, it's pretty Sizes 32A-38D, Lily of France, style 2E06, 28, JCPenney The fabric is really light, so it's great to wear on hot days. Sizes 32A-36D, Calvin Klein, style D2699, 34, Macy's and macys.com This mesh is stretchy and comfy I don't feel restricted. Sizes 34B-36D, Body by Victoria, style Mesh Demi, 44, Victoria's Secret stores...


Life on the beach is harder than you think Bring the drama home on DVD July 49th Sneak Peak Into Season 2 VIP access to Laguna Beach Surf Club website Exclusive interviews. LC's house tour, deleted scenes, and much more 02S06 MTV NetvwxM A R> qMs Oescvcd MTV VIUSC TtlXVlSON. LAGUNA BtACM al rrMlrt Utkn arrf O& n mv UKjomnrt o> MTV NottMOriu. dMMon at V com Mvnoaonal Inc. TM. 9 A CopyngN O IOCS tjy Paramount P& luna. Al ltglila nmarvad. i Wear a frilly skirt to school with confidence-a...


Dress around one great vintage item by pairing it with low-key staples Pick something bold, like this '80s sweater vest. Choose a printed blouse that's quirky enough to balance your special piece. Pair with basic denim so your cute vintage top gets all the attention VINTAGE VEST, 6 (for similar styles), Savers stores and Value Village stores SHIRT Sizes 0-14, American Eagle Outfitters, 30, American Eagle Outfitters stores JEANS Sizes 0-14, Lucky Brand Jeans, 98, Lucky Brand Jeans stores and...


Penny Teens Bra

As far as we're concerned, one's too many. Get serious help with the washes and scrubs made by pHisoderm. The dermatologist-tested, teen-trusted, acne-fighting expert. Four readers scoured the stores to find the best styles for their size and yours. This is the most comfortable one I tried on it's a good everyday bra. Sizes 32A-38D, Barely There, style 4148, 29, JCPenney and jcpenney.com So comfortable, and it gives shape without any padding Sizes 34A-36C, Calvin Klein, style F2563, 34, select...

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Wherever she went, glam was sure to glow. Buy three specially marked Glam Camp products, and you'll get free movie tickets and a free Glam Bag. You could even score a movie screening at your school. Follow the glow for more info. Save up for one of these super-hot pieces you'll make your friends so jealous Wear this over a fitted jacket instead of placing it low on the hips for a more polished look.


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Get tanning salon perfection at home. Just spray on Airbrush Sun. Its invisible, smells great and dries in 60 seconds. You'll get the perfect tan, without sun damage and it lasts for up to 7 days. Airbrush Sun is enriched with Retinol and Vitamins, that's why your skin will look gorgeous and feel soft, smooth and sexy. It won't streak, drip or stain your clothes. Results guaranteed or your money back.

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Eliminate bikini hair without pain, bumps or irritation. Simply smooth on and wipe away bikini hair in just 4 minutes. Our Extra Strenath Brazilian Formula has been created with Orchid and Marine Extracts to nourish and treat your skin while removing hair. www.sallyhansen.com 2005 Del Laboratories, Inc. Diamond Strength. Diamond Shine. Diamond Wear. Beautiful nail colors that instantly bond to your nails with a diamond hard protective coating. Exclusive micro-diamond formula guarantees a...


Guys flevc, v IRj'Thoy Lavs Motti _ , Bmp j WffCleii S-Jid Ittel Back-to-School Preview Get a first look at all the new stuff that's just hitting the stores for fall 61 The Newest Jeans amp Sneakers Start here for cute sneakers, then turn to p. 162 for cool denim styles. 66 Exclusive Coupons See here and p. 101 to save 76 Bargains That Look Expensive Go vintage this fall. 110 Cute Celeb Hair Ideas These will flatter your face. 114 The Top Teeth Whiteners Get a movie-star smile....

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Vice President Publisher Jayne Jamison Associate Publisher of Advertising Stacy Lyn Bettman Associate Publisher of Marketing Howard Grier new york 917-934-6500 Beauty Director Lee Golden Beauty Manager Gayle Sherman Fashion Director Lori M. Blinder Account Managers Olivia M. Gelade, Linda Korman, Lauren H. Spira, Nadine S. Waxenberg Publisher's Assistant Soon Park chicago 312-251-5347 Midwest Director Robin Billie Account Manager Abby L. Burdick los angeles 310-664-2980 West Coast Director...

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This European wax strip formula gently and effectively removes unwanted facial amp body hair for up to 8 weeks Special Projects Director Sabrina Weill Art Director Jessica Musumeci Executive Editor Leslie Heilbrunn Deputy Editors Carissa Rosenberg Entertainment , Joanna Saltz Beauty Director Kristen Oldham Giordani Photography Director Elisabeth Kildahl Managing Editor Alison Sheffer Jurado Style Director Beau Quillian Senior Market Editor Renee Roman Accessories Editor Loredana Buonopane...