Climacool Brings You To A Cooler Place


Stacy KenneallyHoward Waxenberg

Vice President/Publisher Jayne Jamison

Associate Publisher of Advertising Stacy Lyn Bettman Associate Publisher of Marketing Howard Grier new york 917-934-6500

Beauty Director Lee Golden Beauty Manager Gayle Sherman Fashion Director Lori M. Blinder

Account Managers Olivia M. Gelade, Linda Korman, Lauren H. Spira, Nadine S. Waxenberg

Publisher's Assistant Soon Park chicago 312-251-5347

Midwest Director Robin Billie Account Manager Abby L. Burdick los angeles 310-664-2980

West Coast Director Felicia Lewinstein Account Manager Leighdia Padilla san francisco 415-278-3683

Account Manager Monica Apodaca detroit 248-614-6045

Account Manager Carla R. Allen southwest 214-363-6191

Tierney & Co. Account Manager Michelle Mize direct response 866-858-2154

Manager Paul W. Nahoun sales assistants

Kate M. Haring, Sandra Hilk, Leslie Hughes, Melissa Lee, Rori Olen, Nancy Olsen merchandising

Merchandising Directors Nicole Kenneally, Danielle Neumann

Special Events Director Lisa Campione Associate Merchandising Director Bevin Karl Merchandising Manager Elizabeth Goodrich Schacher

Senior Merchandising Editors Cheryl Cope, Kristi D'Aliso Associate Merchandising Editor Paula Spadaccini promotion

Director of Promotion Christina Parabak Production Director Caroll Ann Moore Senior Promotion Manager Rachael Cohn Promotion Managers Colby Cooper, Evernolia Gillespie

Promotion Coordinator Elana Leibowitz

Creative Director Marcella Accardi-Sanders Associate Art Director Jennifer Perman marketing

Marketing Director Andrés D. Gutierrez

Marketing Assistant Karishma Rahman group research

Group Research Manager Anna Levina production

Production Director Valerie Karp Glicker

Production Manager Lauren Rychlik Production Coordinator Amy Connell circulation

Vice President, Group Circulation Director Chris Butler teen internet group

General Manager Richard Wilkie Business Manager Michael R. Benham Director, Sales and Marketing Jackie Paschkes-Bennett Regional Sales Manager Kimberly Reiter Marketing Director Joe MacGillis

Marketing Manager Nicholas Russo Marketing Coordinator Kristy L. Madamba Marketing Designer Jesse Mumford published by hearst communications, inc., a unit of the hearst corporation

President & Chief Executive Officer Victor F. Ganzi Chairman George R. Hearst, Jr. Vice Chairman Frank A. Bennack, Jr.

hearst magazines division

President Cathleen P. Black

Executive Vice President Mark F. Miller

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Publishing Director Michael A. Clinton Publishing Consultants Richard E. Deems, Gilbert C. Maurer fJ[t? Miss out OH tHe. {yUn?

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