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Fashion ChemistryKarizma Ramirez

roule 66 clog chocolate brown, .yurn:

roule 66 litrex shirt the perfect cover for a cami route 66 riblted lank sweet & sassy

How cute is this!

Karizma Ramirez age: 15

from: New Jersey roule 66 clog chocolate brown, .yurn:

Odea Fashion

What's cool for school

/queeze-y on the eye/

06111 /hodouu /quea/e

All you want in one cute tube: color that lasts like a cream, feets like a powder-soft dream. It's so easy—just squeeze, then smooth on quick as a wink. Check but all 8 shades and more @! CoverGirl Kiara wears Shadow Squease in Puff.

easy breezy beautiful COVERGIRC

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