Simple Accessories Ideas that will Elevate your Look

Accessories are crucial for completing any look. Its basic function is to draw everything together and give the finished look a touch of elegance. A simple scarf can make a lot of difference to your summer look. Add a shrug to your summer dress and it completes the look. Something as little as a silver and bronze rings can add a lot of vibes to your outfit. The fundamental function of any accessory is to enhance the overall finished look. 

There are a plethora of accessories out there with which you can pair up your outfit.  From statement earrings to a beautiful silver antique necklace; from a hair tie for a boho look to beaded bracelets, everything is a part of the world of accessories. But the struggle is real when you have to decide how to accessorize the look. 

There is no rule like less is more when it comes to accessories. Have you ever seen the famous Coachella party? It is a hub where you will find the best of the boho looks which are overboard. There are simple ways too. For instance, for a rock or biker look, the look is incomplete without black leather jackets, sunglasses, and boots. To complete any look, the details require some extra attention. And your details are your accessories.

Here are some of the simple ways in which you can accessorize your look efficiently. These accessories will bring out the true essence of your look.

Use them to define the occasion

We all love a clean button-down white shirt outfit. Adding some accessories and statement earrings or even a bag can change the whole definition of the look. A white button-down shirt and blue jeans can be your workwear and a party swing. And all this only with the help of some accessories. Pair your white shirt and blue jeans with some gold statement earrings and a sleek golden bracelet. You can use some shades and high heels and a sling bag, and you have a formal look.

Your accessories add to your personality

For a little tone down look, tie a knot to the shirt, a pair of converse or sneakers, and a fanny bag; you have an informal look.We all know that colors have a got to do a lot with our personality, well, so does accessories.   With accessories, you can wear the same outfit in different ways. Accessories make your outfit more versatile.

A person with love for bold nature will often opt for the pop colors, trendy looks, and flashy colors. Touch of gold is often associated with boldness and this too reflects on one's personality. You will often see women who have an ardent love for nude and beige shades, while some have an affinity for the bold red on the tangy orange.

Never forget your watch

Watches are not just a sign of punctuality and discipline but also of style. A watch can change the whole look of your outfit, that is how much a watch can be impactful. Watches don't just tell you the time; they also tell a lot about the person's lifestyle. It is classy when a person glances at the wristwatch to check the time. There is a sense of a sophisticated lifestyle. Whether it is a party, or a formal meeting or just a brunch with your ladies, a wristwatch is a perfect accessory to compliment your look without overdoing it. 

Sunglasses are a must for you

Sunglasses are powerful. They leave a lasting impression. Sunglasses come in different shapes and shades; this gives you a lot of choices and options. For example, a cat-eyed sunglass is for a retro look. For a classic look, you can simply wear the wafers. As long as your shades are perfectly fitting, they add to your outfit.

The same goes for glasses; try to opt for classy glasses instead of the funky colored ones. For a formal and nerdy look, you can go for the big glasses. These days people even get non-prescription glasses, to complete the nerdy look.

Keep your hats on

 A guy wearing a hat is not just attractive but also has a confident aura around him. And here hats not just include the classic ones but also the other varieties like berets, fedoras, beanies, and so on. But adding a hat to the outfit is a little tricky. We often fail to utilize the versatility of hats and wear them only for beach looks. Another fashion statement for men is the men bead bracelets. They give the outfit a quintessential touch.

As Michael Kors has put it, "I've always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit". They are the finishing touch, without which your outfit will not be a look. Accessories tie all the loose ends of your outfit to make it a classy, sophisticated, and a complete look.



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