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Photography Posing Secrets Volume 1

A Resource For Posing A Model For The Camera. Never Be Stuck For A Pose Again. Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Produce The Professional Standard Portraits You've Always Wanted By Mastering The Secrets Of Camera-Friendly Poses. This 120 page book includes: How to focus on the body to aid posing. The key to duplicating or creating any pose. The three letters that can build a pose (no, not A-B-C). Important points to consider for a reclining position. Exercises and suggestions to help analyze pictures and poses. Ten simple solutions when your model does not know what to do with their hands. How to avoid foreshortening of limbs. The three basic head movements that make a difference to your model's features.

Photography Posing Secrets Volume 1 Summary


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Contents: Ebook
Author: Malcolm Boone
Price: $24.97

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Highly Recommended

All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable book so that purchasers of Photography Posing Secrets Volume 1 can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

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Photography Posing Secrets Volume 2

Posing Secrets Vol. 2 is the perfect companion to Volume 1. Malcolm presents his 'secrets' in easy to follow language with splendid diagrams to refer to. By following his step by step guide it becomes easy to influence the pose of your 'model' and give even the most simple portrait picture the Wow! factor. For any photographer who wants to improve their portrait skills these books are an essential buy. In Volume 2 you will discover: The easy 5 point countdown that will help you arrange variations of any pose anywhere. How to use twisting to change body proportions and flatter your models. How to vary 2 key angles and 3 key lines to produce better sitting and kneeling poses. The 4 levels of tension a model can show. The 3 camera views that emphasize or underplay a pose. The standing position variable that is often forgotten by other photographers. How you can pose the body so it speaks of the character within. The step-by-step process to continually get great ideas for poses. More here...

Photography Posing Secrets Volume 2 Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Malcolm Boone
Official Website:
Price: $19.97

Men Picture Poses

Catalogue Model Poses

Here the water in the air was from a spray bottle we misted slightly before and during the shot. Sometimes I pose men in a way that creates a lot of action and movement, such as this subject posing as if he's deflecting a punch. Sometimes I pose men in a way that creates a lot of action and movement, such as this subject posing as if he's deflecting a punch. Catalogue poses. Catalogue-like poses are classy and typically what you think of when you think male model. He might have his fist to his...

Fashion Photography Poses

Fashion Poses For Women

Posing women is both easy and challenging. It is easy because there are so many possibilities. I love posing women because a pose can take on any feeling it can be dance like, or aggressive, or relaxed, or anything you want it to be. It is challenging, however, because there are so many possibilities, and you must pose in a way that most flatters the woman's face and body. With models, you can easily go with the flow and let them bring inspiration for poses through their movements. With women...

The NINE heads template

Www Figure Drawing Templates Com

The nine heads template is a front facing, symmetrical fashion figure, measured in head lengths and widths, and drawn as ovals and triangles. The Nine Heads template is a simple starting point for drawing all fashion poses. It will be used here as a guideline for body proportions, drawing exercise Roughly divide the drawing paper into nine head lengths as follows Fig. 4.3 and 4.4 a. Draw ten, evenly spaced horizontal lines. Each division represents one head length. c. Draw the intermediate...

Fashion Photography Poses For

Men can be challenging to pose because you must find a pose that fits the mood of the shoot without making them look too feminine or making the pose look too forced. I often pose men in one of three ways. These are not rules, but guidelines for how I work. Show authority. Men like poses that make them look powerful and authoritative. Often I seek these more aggressive poses. I have the men lean toward the camera aggressive stance no matter what pose they are in. Furthermore, I often have them...

Focus Techniques

Drawing Catwalk Model Figure

In order to visualize a detail of an item of clothing, a head and shoulders view, an item of footwear etc, it is unnecessary to draw the figure in its entirety. It is sufficient to portray only the motif or the detail that you wish to emphasize, enlarging the area of interest and bringing it into close-up, using a technique common in cinema and photography. Each picture drawn serves to highlight a detail which must be clearly portrayed, in order to facilitate the faithful interpretation of the...

Fashion Design

Fashion Figure Illustration

The illustrations on pages 129-61 show sequences which build up to the finished image. All of the illustrated fashion plates were created with special felt tip pens, using clear and precise strokes poses on page 121 . The technique of felt pens was chosen as it is the one most used by fashion designers for its fresh and impromptu nature. If you want your design to be neat, it is necessary to trace the primary sketch on a white sheet of paper and to colour it in afterwards. The figures used are...

Popular fashion poses

Side Poses Fashion Figures

As the styling details of most garments are on the front, the preferred poses to display the clothing are forward facing or slightly turned, Fig. 4.13 to 4.19 . Therefore, side profile and back views are not drawn as frequently unless required. Back views are more commonly drawn when designing wedding or evening garments as the back is often highly styled Fig. 4.20 to 4.22 . The key to fashion drawing is to start by perfecting a number of standard poses as outlined in the Figure Matrix page 13...

Inspired Poses

Fashion Photography Poses

When honing your skills for posing, I highly recommend drawing inspiration from other pieces of artwork. Posing is not easy. In fact, I find it one of the more challenging aspects of fashion flair. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe are taken care of before the shoot, but the posing is based on your ideas, your client's abilities, and your communication skills during the shoot. Because of the challenges of posing, I recommend that you come prepared with inspiration shots for posing or some concrete...

Rule Of Proportion the human body

Drawing Human Figure Proportions

1 The head measures one-eighth of the height of the body and therefore constitutes a unit of measure. 2 The distance between the temples forms the basis of the width of a shoulder from the base of the neck to the shoulder joint AB a'b' . 3 When the figure is viewed from the front, the median axis divides the figure perfectly in half. 4 The shoulders are as wide as the pelvis, the waist two-thirds of the width of the shoulders, 5 The shoulders are drown extending beyond the upper body, with the...

Strike a Pose

Curve Photography

Osing in fashion is an art, not a science, and there are no rules or special guidelines. In fashion photography, poses can be expressive, but they can also be straightforward. When I do a fashion shoot, I often keep my poses relatively simple unless I'm trying to accentuate a certain part of the clothing or my image concept is based on a particular pose. Many fashion photographers prefer strong, simple, and stoic poses in their images. Other times I specifically aim for a more exotic pose to...

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