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Master Karma

This Master Karma ebook gives you a way to understand your life in terms of Eastern Philosophy and change your life in small be impactful ways. You will learn how seemingly tiny actions you can take throughout the day can actually make your life much better, and you will learn what you have to avoid in order to prevent bad karma from completely messing up your life. Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist, and this book combines the science of hypnotherapy with the philosophy of karma to create an unstoppable healing force that helps you get out of the dumps and change your life. Karma is a natural force; it is as unchangeable as gravity. But that does not mean that you can't harness the power of karma to change your life; this book teaches you how to do just that. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Steve Jones
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Price: $19.95

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Karma Guide With A Difference

This course gives you the best way to capture the laws of karma and make them work in your favor! This 5-part e-course gives you the best way to learn how to improve your life according to ancient philosophy. All too many people ignore the powerful effects that philosophy can grant their lives and instead wonder why their lives are not having the impact that they used to. If you have ever felt like a failure, wanted to give up on life, or feel drained and frustrated almost constantly, you will be able to revitalize yourself without all of the pain and frustration that you normally go through. This Karma Laws course teaches you how life works in terms of karma; you will be able to meld your mind, body, and spirit better than you ever were able to before. Don't stay in depression; get rid of your bad karma and change it to good! Read more here...

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Contents: Online Course
Creator: Victoria Gallagher
Official Website:
Price: $15.00

Dress in the Italian Renaissance 14001600

In Italy circa 1400, scholars turned to the literature and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome as a source of ideas about their world. Historians examining this period assigned the name Renaissance (French for rebirth ) to this time when a new focus on humanism contrasted with the medieval emphasis on spirituality.

Doc Martens R Griggs Co

In the 1980s, Doc Martens were born again and became a universal fashion accessory. DM's became popular with college students, both male and female, and were adopted as part of the traditional jeans and t-shirt uniform. New Wave musicians, such as Cyndi Lauper, popularized the pairing of DM's with lacy skirts, providing a contrast between feminine and masculine symbols, a fashion that was disseminated through MTV. The once tough Doc Martens were now being made in floral and polka-dot patterns or with lace inserts in trendy, fashion colors. Simultaneously, Doc Martens while still being worn by skinheads and were also being adopted by gays and lesbians as symbols of strength to blur gender distinctions. The 1990s brought one more rebirth to Doc Martens when they became associated with the Grunge music movement in Seattle.

America fashion and commerce

She was also one of the most famous clients of Italian brand, Gucci. The adoration of her style by the American public was the beginning of celebrity fashion influence in America and the rebirth of this trend in the European modern fashion environment.

Renaissance of learning and culture

Beginning in the late fourteenth century and escalating in the fifteenth century, two regions began to lead a rebirth, called the Renaissance, of learning, culture, and commerce. This Renaissance began in Italy, especially around the city of Florence, and in a region known as Burgundy, which included parts of modern-day France and Holland. The Italian states developed banking and trading systems that helped stabilize the economy throughout Europe. The duchy of Burgundy also grew very wealthy. In both areas wealthy nobles and merchants poured money into art, learning, clothing, and decoration such as jewelry. The Renaissance is known for its abundance of fine art and architecture, and for its renewed emphasis on literature and learning. But it also encouraged merchants and traders to expand their businesses. Soon these businesspeople extended their trade further and further. One of the most thriving industries in early Europe was the textile industry, which made rich fabrics available...

Classic of Fashion

Armani's suits were hugely successful among executive women those of Chanel enjoyed renewed favor as symbols of relaxed luxury and elegance and suits by Thierry Mugler and Christian Lacroix were baroque and festive. This rebirth was only an apparent one because the tailored suit was gradually losing its raison d' tre and being replaced by other garments. The uniform no longer appealed to women at a time when fashion was governed by the cult of youth the jacket had become a free element, and it alone continued to develop. Pants suits, like those of Jean Paul Gaultier, can still express, in a society where clothing taboos have largely faded, a way for women to emphasize their difference and their particularity.

My Magic Fashion

In one of the Mexican festivals, to represent the rebirth of the spirit of agriculture the dead victim was skinned and the skin was put on the victim that was to succeed it the following year. In Lusitia, at the spring festival, in which the dead one the old god of vegetation is buried, the shirt from the mannequin that represents it is removed and immediately placed on the May tree with the garment, the spirit is also removed. 630

Pacific Islands

Throughout all of the Pacific Islands, there has been a rebirth of indigenous culture since the 1970s. The Tahitian and Hawaiian languages are again taught in schools, and on some islands the indigenous language is even used in government meetings. Culture is being reclaimed from its near-death experience at the hands of missionaries, and in the islands the traditional arts, dance and music are now celebrated. The Pacific islands are now home to ethno-tourism, and the cultural displays of traditional arts are featured.

Karma Crash Course

Karma Crash Course

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