Men S Houppelande

behind it is called a liripipe. The woman's houppelande is of peacock-blue-and-gold brocade with trim of gold, deep blue, and green. The undergown is of gold silk and the sleeves are edged in white fur. Her blond hair is held with strands of pearls.

Houppelande Middle Ages

Italy, ca. 1440

This high-waisted silk gown features leaf-shaped dagging at with the tunic repeating the same colors. His shirt and the the sleeves. The gown is in shades of moss-green and gold. fur trim are white. The man wears parti-color hose in red, yellow, and black,


Italian peasant couple dressed for their wedding day. The bride wears a white chemise with a gold-and-dark-green busk. The sleeves are dark green. Her skirt is dark blue and her petticoat is red wool with blue-and-yellow embroidery.

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