Renaissance Fashion

She wears a natural-straw hat. The groom's costume includes a blue-gray doublet, brown breeches, a white shirt and stockings, tan leather slashed shoes, and a natural-straw hat.

Renaissance Groom Dress

Italy, ca. 1460

This Italian knight in steel armor wears a blue cloth apron at the sides and held by pale-blue ribbons. The underskirt at the waist. The woman's gown is rose silk, with a bodice is of deep-blue silk, and panels of rose-and-pale-blue brocade. The gown is slit

Venetian Lady

Italy, ca. 1460

Italian couple. Her gown of coral-and-gold brocaded silk, is blue hose under a wine-color gown with a gold lining. His worn over an underdress of slate-blue silk. Her embroi- sleeves are blue and gold and his cap is deep blue, dered cap is of matching colors. He is wearing rose-and-

Italy, ca.

Two gentlemen of Verona. The younger, on the left, wears black waist-high hose, shoes, and cap, a white shirt under his pink-velvet doublet and sleeves, and a tabard of brown-and-gold brocaded silk-taffeta. His gloves are tan. The older gentleman, on the right, wears an academic-style gown in a dark color, indicating that he is probably a professor. He has black hose, tan shoes, and a black cap.

Italy, ca.

Venice. The gentleman wears a tabard of gold-and-red brocade with his family's coat of arms embroidered at the shoulder. Worn over one shoulder is a silk-lined gown of white wool, tasseled in black. His stockings are red, as is his cap, and his sleeves and shoes are black. The woman's gown is coral silk and has matching sleeves. The overskirt is slit at the sides and open at the front to reveal her wine-color-and-coral brocaded underskirt. Her white chemise has gold-edged fluting at the neckline, and a bit of her yellow-taffeta bodice is showing.

Venetian lady and dandy. She is dressed in a gown of sky-blue silk edged with silk fringe, over a pink-and-gold brocaded petticoat. At her neck is a white voile scarf, and she carries a white handkerchief. The colors of her embroidered and jeweled felt cap match the rest of her ensemble. The

Italy, ca. 1500

Venetian dandy is wearing blue-and-gold parti-color hose. His white shirt is pulled through and puffed at the sleeves, waist, back, and sides of the brocaded doublet, which has smaller slashes showing the wine-color lining. His cap is dark-blue velvet with gold trimmings.


French couple of the new merchant class. She wears an orange bodice with a gold-embroidered diaper pattern, a white blouse with gold chains at the neck and over the shoulders, a blue silk skirt over a brocaded petticoat, and a

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