Chamarre Clothing

gold-and-red brocade. Her stockings are white with red clocks; the chopines are white with red trim. She carries a flag-shaped fan.

France, ca. 1540

This French noblewoman wears a black-and-gold brocaded Her cap is of gold-color fabric with a white gauze veil, gown with a black-velvet overskirt. The scalloped ruff, From a rosette of gold ribbon hang a mirror and bag. which was gaining in favor, is seen here at collar and cuff.


French court couple. He wears a deep-blue gown with silver galloon and loops, and a white ermine collar. The doublet and codpiece are silver-gray satin with slashing showing the white shirt. His silver-gray trunk-hose have white slashing; they complement silver upper stocks and white hose. His dark-blue velvet cap has a white plume. The woman's bodice and petticoat are of white satin with gold embroidery. Her ca. 1540

overskirt is gold-and-white brocade. The slashed sleeves are gold-color fabric with the white chemise sleeves bound with knotted gold ribbon. The same ribbon covers the white chemise at the shoulder. The white felt cap is decorated with pearls like those on the gown. She carries a white ostrich-tip fan. Her gloves, slashed shoes, and fan handle are red.

England, ca. 1550

A lady of die English court wearing a "Spanish-style" trimmed with fur, are banded with black ribbon. The bur-gown. Her burgundy-color wool gown and petticoat are gundy-color velvet cap has a white lining and frills, trimmed with white fur and pearls. The white sleeves, also


German royal children with their nanny. The boy wears a dark-red velvet outfit trimmed with gold galloon. His black hat has gold-color ornaments and white feathers. He wears black shoes and white stockings. The girl wears a pink-velvet gown in the Spanish style, with gold trim, and a ca. 1550

white apron and cap. Her doll is dressed in black and gold. The nanny is dressed in a black gown with a white apron, chemise, and cap. The embroidered trim on her blouse and apron is purple and green.

Trunk Hose Renaissance


An English nobleman and his ward. The man wears a doublet, trunk-hose, chamarre, and cap of brown velvet trimmed with bands of gold-color brocade and gold ornaments. His slashed shoes are brown. His white shirt is edged with pearls at the cuffs and he wears white hose. Gold ribbons decorate his codpiece. The youth wears a ca. 1550

deep-blue velvet chamarre trimmed in gold galloon and beige fur. His doublet, sleeves, and trunk-hose are gold-embroidered satin and his hose are white. He wears a pale-blue garter, which matches the lining of his chamarre and the feather in his deep-blue cap, which also is studded with pearls. His shoes are white. 35

Noblewoman Gown


This English noblewoman wears a burgundy-color velvet Spanish-style cloak or "marlotte," with embroidery on gold-color bands of cloth. Her gown is of the same fabric and colors as the cloak, and she wears a white pleated ca. 1550

apron. Her undergown is of embroidered gold-color fabric and her chemise is white. Her coif of gold is studded with pearls, and her cap is burgundy-color velvet with a white ostrich tip.


French courtiers wearing Spanish-style attire. His cloak and cap are dark green, with gold embroidery. His doublet and trunk-hose are pale-green silk, embroidered in gold and slashed to show white puffs. He wears white hose, gloves, ca. 1550

and slippers, and has a white feather in his cap. The lady wears a gown of dark red with bands of silver embroidery, showing white puffs. Her ruff, wrist ruffles, and cap ruffle are white. Bands of pearls decorate her hair.

Renaissance Dress For Coloring

France, ca.

Upper-class French merchant and his wife. She wears a mauve-and-gold brocaded gown with gold-and-plum trim. Her sleeves are bands of gold embroidery on a mauve ground. Her skirt is caught up and attached to the waist, revealing its plum-color velvet lining. Her petticoat is mauve, with gold embroidery and bands of gold and plum. Her cap is of plum velvet and has a sheer white fall. The

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