Cycles of renewal

Ultimately, the lexicon and the fashion became degraded. New adjectives introduced into colloquial language and the language of fashion, "psychedelic" and "trippy" among them, no longer retained their original referents but became generic adjectives of approval. Psychedelia not only offered the keys to the cosmos but became the latest marketing ploy. "Call it psychedelic and it will sell fast, some merchants say," was a page-one headline on The Wall Street Journal in 1968. Psychedelic fashion petered out in the early 1970s, partly from overkill and overexposure, and partly from the changing zeitgeist. Yet it remained popular with students until enjoying a full-scale revival in the mid-1980s, and has continued as a recurring motif.

See also Art and Fashion; Paisley; Saint Laurent, Yves; Subcultures.


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Joel Lobenthal

PUCCI, EMILIO Emilio Pucci, the marchese di Barsento a Cavallo, was born in Naples on 20 November 1914. The scion of an illustrious family tracing its heritage to the thirteenth century, Pucci grew up in the Palazzo Pucci on the via dei Pucci in Florence.

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