Framework 3 Pushing the Limits Advanced

If you spend a year or two applying the ideas in this book and educating yourself about fashion, you may reach the expert level. Then you can start pushing the limits of what is known and accepted in fashion in order to achieve a specific social impact. This is when you can get into things like mixing looks, mixing stereotypes, and wearing unique clothing.

Here's a few ideas to keep in mind when pushing the limits:

Speaking to an Elite Audience

When you push the limits in fashion, you clothing will speak to a smaller group of people. Normal people may regard you as eccentric or elitist. Your purpose is to communicate value and knowledge to others who also push the limits. This can be useful in a high fashion scene or in certain nightlife scenes.

Want to date models? You can start by dressing like a male model and infiltrating the fashion scene. The "male model" look is one that pushes the limits. The quickest way to get this look is to blatantly break the rules in fashion, offering no apology or remorse.

Have a look at this outfit. Everyone knows you shouldn't wear shorts with a tie. It's pretty ridiculous. The designer of this outfit is making a statement: "Throw out everything you think you know about fashion. I can make anything look good."

Here's another one. Who ties their sweater around their waist these day? 60 year old women. That's who.

Images Old People Wearing Short Ties

No one is going to understand these outfits as well as other people in the fashion field. These outfits were designed to impress fashion critics and leave regular people out in the cold. Now that's elitist. That's what pushing the limits is all about in some cases.

Social Impact

There are certain pieces of clothing that don't make much visual impact, but they make social impact. They make a statement and get a reaction out of people, without even being that interesting to look at.

Here's a really plain shirt that subcommunicates heavy social ideas to women around you. Men and women might take this shirt to mean totally different things.

Women are thinking: "Only celebrities get prenuptial agreements. Prenups are glamorous. This guy is in on celebrity gossip. He's also making light of the fact that many women use dating as a path to financial freedom. This guy is on the inside."

Men are thinking: "He's on our team. We don't want women divorcing us and taking all our money."

It's easy to tell if a piece has social impact because people will yell at you on the street and approach you in bars when you wear it. Perhaps you have a piece like this already, something that gets a strong reaction out of people.

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