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Introduction 5

About the Pictures 6

Part 1: The Science of Fashion 7

"Turn Ons" and "Turn Offs" 11

Part 2: Obstacles on the Inside 16

Why We Sabotage Ourselves 17

Playing it Safe in the Schoolyard 18

"Nice Guy" Programing in the Home 20

What's So Bad About Being a Nice Guy? 24

The Nice Guy Look 29

Nice Guys, Bad Memories 30

The Nice Approach 30

Anti-gay Social Programing 32

Emulating Dad 34

It Was Good Ten Years Ago 35

Trying to Just "Be Myself" 36

Part 3: Obstacles on the Outside 38

Elitist Communication Style 38

The Changing Fashion Signal 42

Mimicking the High Fashion Signal 43

Mimicking the Low Fashion Signal 44

Magazines and Mixed Messages 46

Part 4: The 3 Frameworks for Creating Your Look 49

Framework #1: Normal, Well Dressed 50

Modeling Movie Stars 54

Framework #2: Sexy Stereotyping 57

8 Steps to Sexy Stereotyping 67

Don't be Too Confusing 70

How Far Should You Take It? 71

The Outer Limits 72

Male to Female Sexy Stereotyping 73

Attracting "Normal Girls" with Sexy Stereotyping 75

Myspace Sexy Stereotypes 76

Framework #3: Pushing the Limits (Advanced) 79

Speaking to an Elite Audience 79

Social Impact 82

The "Ironic" Look 83

Retro styles 84

Stereotype Blending 86

Visual Impact 87

Expensive Clothes (Label Whore) 88

Customized Clothing 90

The Repercussions of the 3 Frameworks 92

Countdown to sex 93

Part 5: The Basics of Fashion 94

Balance: Showpieces and Supporting Pieces 94

The Most Essential Pieces of Clothing 96

Your Hairstyle 97

Communicating With Your Hairstylist 98

Enhance Your Hair 99

Grooming 100

Always Look Your Best 102

Fashion Over Function 103

What Not to Wear 104

Daytime verses Nighttime 107

Training your eye 109

Geographic Relevance 114

Understanding Incongruence 115

Recognizing a Failed Experiment 117

Being "Good Looking" 118

Anyone Can Do It 119

Part 6: Action Plan 120

Frequently Asked Questions 121

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Let me begin by telling you I'm not an expert in fashion. I don't know much about major designers or what's going to be in next season. But even without being a fashion expert, I've been able to construct a look for myself that constantly gets me approached by women, complimented by fashion experts, and let's me stand out in any crowd.

I started out as an awkward lanky guy with ill fitting clothes and a bad haircut. From there I began a journey of exploration that ultimately led me to create a system for attracting women with your clothing without actually having to be an obsessed expert in fashion. This is what I hope to impart to you throughout these pages- an easy, turn-key system that will allow you to use your creativity and intelligence to become the type of guy women think of as "sexy."

To be clear- the goal of this system is not to become fashionable. The goal is to become attractive. Being fashionable and being attractive are not always the same thing.

Furthermore, the goal is to get results with attractive women. I don't care if your friends, co-workers, or family are impressed with your clothing. If your goal is to impress your coworkers, you have the wrong book.

In order to succeed at this, you must have a clear sense of purpose and direction. In this day and age, men are subject to a constant barrage of mixed messages and bad information when it comes to appearance. I'm going to help you sort through all of this nonsense and come up with something that shows women you are a sexy, attractive, comfortable man.

If you can implement these ideas effectively, it will make all of your interactions with women go smoother. Approaches are met more warmly. Phone calls get picked up more often. Dates are easier to set up and things get physical faster.

If you're one of the millions of guys out there who's been saying your whole life:"Nah, I'm not into clothes. I just wear what feels comfortable," you are missing out on one of the simplest ways to attract women before you even open your mouth. Imagine a way to get women's attention that doesn't involve being the most original or most funny guy at the bar, or learning to tell clever stories. Once you understand some basic concepts to discover and perfect your own look, fashion is going to become one of your quickest, easiest, most reliable tools with women. You will start to love putting on the clothing that gets you noticed by sexy women and, what's more, you're going to love picking it up off their floors the next morning.

Let's begin by looking at some of the science behind fashion and how it plays out in todays world.

About the Pictures

I cruised the Internet and the streets of major American cities like New York and Los Angeles for about a year from summer 2006 to summer 2007 to get the pictures you're seeing in this book. Some of them are friends of mine, some are random strangers I met on the street, others are from google image search or I've blacked out the faces of people who aren't already known in the public domain.

Remember as you look through the pictures that every person you're seeing had to go through a process of experimentation and education to get their look together. Every look you see in this book is a collection of clothes that anyone can buy and wear.

I hand picked every single photo in this book and placed each one in the book myself. It's been a year long journey putting these pictures and words together, I hope you enjoy the finished product.

Part 1: The Science of Fashion

Fashion can be understood within the context of biological signals. Just as female mallards are attracted to certain colors of feathers on males, women are attracted to certain types of clothing on men.

Charles Darwin was the first to attempt to construct a theory of why animals have such extravagant signals and physical ornamentation.

"The sexual struggle is of two kinds: in the one it is between the individuals of the same sex, generally the males, in order to drive away or kill their rivals, the females remaining passive; while in the other, the struggle is likewise between the individuals of the same sex, in order to excite or charm those of the opposite sex, generally the females, which no longer remain passive, but select the more agreeable partners."

-Charles Darwin (1809-1882):

The Descent of Man, 1871, excerpts on Sexual Selection

Sexual Selection The Animal Kingdom

Did you get all that? The two ways to attract a mate in the animal kingdom are:

1. By killing or driving away your rivals.

The classic example of this is the deer's antlers. They serve no environmental advantage but rather serve to show which male is more dominant. The idea of being "dominant" is very important. Remember that word. Showing dominance is the most common way to remove the competition. It is more common to drive the competitor off than it is to actually kill the competitor.

Peacock Physical Adaptations

2. Trying to "excite or charm those of the opposite sex."

This increases your choice of whom you can breed with. To "excite or charm those of the opposite sex" is an adaptation based on attraction rather than domination. The classic example is the peacock's plume.

The plume is costly for the peacock. There is no environmental advantage for the peacock to have the plume. In fact, it makes him more vulnerable to attack by predators.

The plume itself takes up physical resources to produce. A study published recently shows that the male's plumage is a direct indicator of the

Peacock Physical Adaptations

fitness of his immune system and nutrition. A peacock with a large plume has not only good genetics, but also access to essential resources such as food and water. Less fit or younger peacocks are not able to produce such elaborate plumes as the older, more physically fit peacock.1

The plume provides no benefit whatsoever to the male peacock, other than sending a biological signal to female peacocks. The peacock's plume communicates to female peacocks "I am fit. Choose me for reproduction."

It is also a statement of elitism and exclusivity. It is saying "I am better than other peacocks who cannot produce this plumage."

Make a mental note of these four qualities:

- Dominant

- Attractive

- Elite

- Access to resources

These are the qualities animals look for when choosing a mate.

1 Condition Dependence, Multiple Sexual Signals, and Immunocompetence in Peacocks By Anders Pape M0llera and Marion Petrieb Behavioral Ecology journal Vol. 13 No. 2: 248-253 © 2002 International Society for Behavioral Ecology

Different species have different ways of expressing these qualities. For lions, a dark mane on a male is considered more desirable than a light mane. Growing a dark mane requires more resources, so the male is able to send a signal to the females: "I have access to food and resources."

Animals that are social and live in groups find more complex ways of communicating these qualities, and humans always seem to find a way to make things more complicated than any other animal. So let's take a moment to examine how these qualities are communicated among humans

"Turn Ons" and "Turn Offs"

Here's a list of the attractive and unattractive qualities that you can demonstrate using your clothing. These "turn ons" and "turn offs" are not things that women will readily admit to, nor would they be willing to explain these things to you if you asked a woman flat out about clothing. Most women are not consciously aware of what factors cause them to feel attraction to a man.

Turn Offs

- Dressing like a "nice guy."

Women are not attracted to nice guys because they are not dominant."Nice guys" are submissive to women and to other men in most situations.

- Dirty looking or poorly groomed.

There's a fine line between that "rugged look" and looking dirty. A little bit of stubble can be good because it looks like you're not trying too hard. But you have to be careful of looking dirty in general. It communicates that you have no self respect, and you will be viewed as a social liability. Not elite. Little access to resources.

- Afraid of standing out.

Trying too hard to blend in shows that you are a fearful person with no identity of his own. Again the turn off is a lack of dominance.

- Standing out too much.

Stand out too much and you'll look like an attention whore. This can be bad in a few different ways. You might attract negative attention, making you a social liability to the people around you. You might look ignorant about the cultures and subcultures around you.

-Trying too hard

This can make you look too submissive, as you're trying too hard to please other people. The ironic part is that in the beginning you are going to have to try hard. It just shouldn't look like you tried hard. Trying hard is not elite.

Yes, that's right, you are going to have to put in time and effort to learn about fashion and put together a look for yourself. But when you're done, it shouldn't look like you stood in front of the mirror all day obsessing over what to wear. Obsessing too much about one particular outfit is not masculine, it's girly. The hard work happens in the beginning, when you educate yourself and shop for a new look. After that it shouldn't be too difficult. Your new look should seem effortless to others.

- Scared of confrontation.

This goes back to the "blending in" thing. Women are drawn to men who are they think would be tough in a confrontation. If you try too hard to blend in, women will speculate that you might be a pussy.

-Too worried about what others think.

I think we all know a guy like this, someone who's just so self conscious that it's a drag to be around him. This is something that you can communicate with your choices in clothing.

- Dismissive about the importance of fashion and image.

Some guys really don't care about looking good and being in style. These are the same kinds of guys who burp in public and hardly ever get laid. Don't get lumped in with these guys. They are too common to be considered elite.

- Has an outdated look.

Some guys stick with one look for way too long. A decade or more goes by, and they still look the same. With a guy like this, women assume that he's "out of touch" in general. This shows a lack of access to resources. In this case, the resource is information. A man with an outdated look has no access to new information about style.

Sounds pretty confusing, huh?

Trying too hard vs. not trying hard enough

Too worried about what people say vs. ignorant about the cultures around you...

Fashion is a delicate balance of many different factors. It's a good start to at least be aware of these various factors so you can avoid a few pitfalls.

Turn Ons

- Alpha qualities

Many of the qualities on this list fall under the category of "alpha male qualities." Women want to be around a man who is a leader and a winner. They unapologetically reject guys who seem like they're struggling in life.

- Immune to social pressure.

There's so many different kinds of social pressure on us all. Pressure to fit in, pressure to stand out, pressure to change, pressure to stay the same the list goes on and on. If you are constantly yielding to social pressure, you will live a confused, frustrating life. Women intuitively know this, and they gravitate towards men who ignore social pressure and live by their own rules.

- Educated in cutting edge fashion.

Just having an interest in fashion makes you far more attractive to most women. If you've actually educated yourself in this area, you are a rare prize. You're ahead of 90% of the other guys out there.

- Has access to specialized information.

It's the 21st century. We're living in the "information age." Information=Power=Wealth. Some forms of information are careful guarded secrets, particularly when it comes to fashion. Fashion taste-makers intentionally change what's "in style" rapidly so it's difficult to keep up with. This separates people into 2 categories- those who "get it" and those who don't. If you are in the first category, you show everyone around you that you have access to special information that most people can't access or don't understand. Women instinctively understand that access to specialized information is a predictor of long term wealth and success. Some women consider this access to be more important than a man's current wealth status.

- Triggers her latent attraction mechanisms.

All women have latent attraction mechanisms in their subconscious. Most of the time, these page 14 of 125 | | [email protected]

are stereotypes that were planted in her subconscious by pop culture and the media. Guys who can trigger these latent attraction mechanisms are eligible for all sorts of special treatment. The normal rules just don't apply anymore.

- Well groomed or has interesting grooming.

This shows that you have enough resources to spend time and money on your grooming. It also shows that you have a high level of self respect.

- Current and up to date.

This is particularly important when dealing with top tier women. Young, attractive women want a guy who understands trendy pop culture, fashion, style, music, etc. If she is seen with a guy who is "out of touch" she risks losing her own social standing.

- Understands subtle communication.

Women are subtle communicators. They respond best to men who speak their subtle language. Style and grooming require attention to detail. If you can create a style that has nuances and subtleties, women will assume that your life has interesting nuances and you will be able to understand her subtle ways of communicating.

OK sounds simple enough, right? Look good and be up to date, and women will be interested. For some men, it is that easy. But for the majority of men (myself included) our minds have been poisoned with mixed messages and bad social programing for decades. Only by reversing this damage can we reach our true potential.

Part 2: Obstacles on the Inside

Now you know the 4 qualities that lead to mating success in the animal kingdom:

- Dominant

- Attractive

- Elite

- Access to resources

You also have a good idea of how these translate into turn-ons and turn-offs in humans. It's time to figure out what's been stopping you from showing these qualities in the past.

I've done quite a few makeovers in my live trainings, and it seems like most men have the same few issues holding them back. It's not a lack of information, the information is out there and it's yours for the taking. Most guys just filter it out, thinking "Nah, that stuff's not for me." They limit themselves before even trying anything new. Let's take a look at some of sources of that limited way of thinking.

Why We Sabotage Ourselves

When I look back on what I was wearing a few years ago, I can see that I was sabotaging all of my interactions with women. I wanted to date and sleep with lots of attractive women, but the way I was dressing was turning them off immediately and I just didn't realize it. There was an easy way to fix this, the answer was right in front of my face, but I just couldn't see it.

I consider myself a pretty intelligent person. I've spend the last 13 years studying psychology and philosophy, so how was it that I could be so blind to something that now seems so obvious?

What I discovered was that like most men, I had layers and layers of self delusion which prevented me from seeing what was really going on.

After I finally figured it out and developed a great look, I started giving makeovers to other guys who were working on succeeding with women. I discovered that almost everyone has their own version of these same delusions.

This is called "negative social programming." It's almost impossible to avoid picking up some of this from the world around you. You've got to identify your negative social programming if you ever want to move past it.

Playing it Safe in the Schoolyard

The first obstacle that a man faces is "play it safe" mentality that we all develop when growing up.

It's normal for children to make fun of each other and compete for social dominance in school. That's how they establish a social hierarchy and learn lessons that will be valuable later in life. At times, this competition can be very intense, and all of us have been on the losing end of it at one time or another.

The easiest way for a child to gain a social advantage over others is to make fun of something obvious, something different.

If you make fun of someone different, you can gain the respect and allegiance of the entire school, not just the kid you made fun of. There are massive social benefits if you can successfully taunt other children. As a result, the kids who are different always get teased the most. It could be that he's from a different ethnicity, a different social class, has a different way of talking...or that he just looks different.

All it takes to look different is a slightly unusual haircut, a slightly different way of dressing, it doesn't take much.

Think back on your grade school days. Was there a boy with long hair or a girl with short hair that got teased? Was there someone from another country or a kid who was a bit poorer than average?

In the adult world, these differences are accepted and even embraced. In the world of children, these differences are grounds for harassment. This harassment is the fuel that feeds social competition and establishes the social structure that will be enforced day in and day out for the entire school year.

Chances are that at some point in your life you were that kid who was different. The harassment we endure as children causes us to build up a tendency to play it safe, to blend in, to do anything we can to avoid looking different.

Even kids who are normal in every way observe the persecution of those who are different, and this causes them to build up this same "play it safe" tendency.

There's nothing wrong with this when you're a child or adolescent. It's a useful adaptation that allows you to go through life without being damaged and distracted by harassment. The problem is that many people carry this "play it safe" mentality into their adult life and it no longer serves a purpose. The rules have changed, and being different can be an advantage.

This "play it safe" mentality can cause limiting self beliefs and make you seem timid and immature.

"Nice Guy" Programing in the Home

When I was a boy, I'd look forward to Christmas morning for months. Then when it arrived, there would be presents from all the different relatives. Some would give toys, some would get more functional things like clothing. Every year, without fail, some relative would buy me Christmas sweater with a reindeer or Christmas tree on it.

Christmas Sweater Fail
That's me in the back!

When I opened up the sweater, my Mom and Dad would shout out loud:

Wow! What a nice sweater! Try it on! Try on that NICE SWEATER!

Look at him everyone... Look how nice he looks in his sweater.

Then my entire family would erupt into a chorus of

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