Brand Frenzy

It may seem a small amount - ¥ 100,000 - to spend on clothes every season, but Ko-Gals actually spend more on cosmetics, nail polish and perfumes.They're always popping into Motsukiyo to browse, usually ending up buying a new eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish. Ko-Gals are the major cosmetic consumers in Japan, and cheap brands are loved by high school students.They usually use three or four different kinds of eye shadow in order to make a perfect white colour It could take up to 40

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minutes to put their make up on and do their hair

More and more Ko-Gals have expensive handbags like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and PRADA.The brands give them status. Ko-Gal magazines are also beginning to feature the brands which used to only be the preserve of the Konsabas.This kind of trend is spreading as Ko-Gals are now looking to become an "Otona-kei Gal", taking a more adult style of dressing and make-up.

Apart from cosmetics, Ko-Gals are also obsessed with Para Para, a Eurobeat dance routine. This kind of activity has become a huge boom among the Ko-Gals. Both the music and the dance styles are from eighties hits, a retro trend that is becoming very popular in Japan.The eighties style and look appeal to the Ko-Gals' value of groupism and materialism.

For some Ko-Gals, nightlife can be surprisingly quiet. They are often just as happy being with their boyfriends as they are out at discos and nightclubs. They usually buy o-bento, a Japanese packed lunch box or snacks, and eat them in front of the convenience stores that are scattered around Shibuya. Dating and dining in restaurants and bars are not that important to them. They do go for ParaPara dancing at clubs and sometimes go to karaoke bars. On the other hand, a quiet night certainly doesn't mean staying at home with their parents.

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