Karisma Boom

The other and much bigger reason recently is the rise of the so-called "Charisma boom" ("Karisma" in Japanese). Karisma is applied to top creative designers in the fields of fashion design, shop merchandising, hair styling and other creative fields. Increasingly, many Urakara-kuns look to these designers as mentors and role models for the type of people they would like to become. Recently these creative types have become more popular than the traditional role models like pop stars and soap opera actors. Increasingly, top creative designers are regularly featured in magazine articles and TV interviews and often have their own web sites.

One of the reasons is the media savvy youth in Japan today. They remain highly sensitive to, and influenced by the media, but now they're very aware of when things aren't real. They are also cynical about the mass marketing methods of the major record companies who churn out new bands and singers on a seasonal basis.

Urahara-kuns, unlike Gal-os and Kireime-kuns, are more "intellectual" in their approach. They tend to be looking for more real world role models on whom to base their purpose and meaning in life. So, they choose a profession not just to make a living but because it appeals to their interests and values and those of their friends.

Uruhara-kuns do not see the need to wear special clothes for work. They like simple, easy to wear gear like short pants, combat pants, cotton shirts and trainers. Their monthly fashion budget is relatively tight as most Uruhara-kuns are young, so still at apprentice level at work, or even students. ¥140,000 - ¥160,000 a month is the norm for income earned from part-time work for people of their age group and type. Most Urahara-kuns also like to save money for other hobbies like skateboarding, computer software and upgrades, and of course for going out.

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