Life In Fashion

Kireime-kuns almost always have to wear a suit to work. They like wearing well-made suits that have good cut and look very smart. For shoes, Italian brands are their favourites. To them, the Italians make great shoes. They also have expensive tastes in watches such as Tag Hauer Bvlgari and Rolex. On the other hand, they also love Swatch watches for their funky looks and design. Kireime-kuns may not see themselves as being fashionable, but their clothes are mostly bought from luxury stores such as Chris-

tian Dior or Gucci. Perhaps it is not the design that matters but they are concerned with exclusive branded products. You won't find Kireime-kuns chasing the latest season's collections. They may claim to have no interest in fashion but they always want to keep up with the mainstream trends and will always go for the major brands. Most of the fashion and other magazines that target Kireime-kun consumers feature articles on famous brands.

Kireime-kuns do not often do shopping, rather they buy all of their clothes at brand sales once a season. They are much more focused on their social life and work, spending their money and time on leisure pursuits, and on women.



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