Mac Addicts

Recently, there has been a successful launch of less expensive Apple Mac computers in Japan, following the opening of the very first Apple store outside of the USA in Tokyo. More Uru-hara-kuns who are graphic designers can now afford to own a computer for their homes.The ¡Mac has been a huge hit in Japan simply because of its elegance in design and the Mac is usually the preferred computer in the creative industry.They use the Mac for surfing the web but more importantly to develop their skills in graphic design and video editing.This is an increasingly common trend not only among Ura-

hara-kuns, but among all intellectuals in Japan - buying Macs, getting involved in creative hobbies, and using their hobbies to lead to a new career: DJs, VJs, professors and graphic artists are the most common.

Urahara-kuns are also pretty active in sports. Some enjoy more extreme sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.

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