Society Girl

Konsabas want to spend more time dining out, chatting with friends and meeting new people. Social life is paramount, being both the source of current entertainment but also the bedrock of their future - marriage, social status and, if she chooses, career So most Konsabas go to department stores to do their shopping in order to save time. When shopping, they are concerned neither with convenience nor comfort and price is not a major issue. Recently, more and more young people (especially fashion lovers) have started to spurn department stores in favour of more dynamic specialty chains. Konsabas, or office ladies (commonly called OLs), following their mothers' footsteps and in line with their elders' conservative tastes, automatically wander in to department stores., spurning trendy shops.

Most prefer to buy Japanese brands that offer a hint of a season's fashion and are conservative enough to be worn in the office. But international brands are a must in terms of handbags and accessories. Gucci, PRADA, Louis Vuitton and Fendi bags are the "must have items" among OLs. But they prefer the more basic and classic designs rather than the more decorative bags. Bags and accessories are a way to brighten up the Konsaba appearance when wearing more conservative or "plain" looking clothes. OLs usually buy one or two new bags a year: Usually the latest collections are hard to get hold of in the Tokyo luxury shops, so they try to get them when they go to foreign countries, or find them at parallel import shops in Japan.

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