The Kogal Dream

Shop staff at Shibuya109 are the mentors for Ko-Gals. They are part of the so-called "Charisma boom" ("Karis-ma" in Japanese). Leaders in the fields of fashion design, shop merchandising, hair styling and cosmetics design all have karisma. A lot of Ko-Gals want to become like the shop staff at 109 but it is a fantasy based on the perceived glamour of the job rather than the actual work of merchandising. In reality, they have not really thought much about their future. It is all about having fun and spending money now.

Kogal TrainCharisma School Gals


Age: 15-20

Occupation: Mainly High School Students

Area: Shibuya (around the train station)

Social Places: Karaoke bars, fast food outlets, game centres, clubs, Shibuya 109

Interests: Chat, fashion, make up, chatting on mobile phones,

Kitty-Chan products

Music: J-pop, Eurobeats, Hip-hop

Values: Self-love, groupism, mobility, optimism, freedom, "Muda-zukal"

Street shots of Ko-Gals in Shibuya,Tokyo

Hip Street Fashion

Ko-Gals in the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo

Kogal Tokyo

gal4 • japanese street fashion

The Gal-os are named after the type of girlfriend they have - Ko-Gal. It is a reflection of their own complete lack of innate identity. They are also always sun tanned whether it is summer or winter. Gal-os do casual work and aren't interested in entering the rat race. They also like hanging around with their "gangs" in diners, with no specific aim or purpose.

Hip Street Fashion

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